Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Gas money to Mom & Dad's house : $____
Antlers and Santa Hat : $____
Ability to inflate your Santa's hat : PRICELESS!!!
Wooly has a lot of hot air!
We were all laughing and I am surprised Mom was able to get this photo.
Look what we got from Mom & Dad for Christmas!
Angel and The Fatman (Badman)!
I thought Wooly was trying to rip his hat off, but I was wrong!
Hope you all have lots of fun this holiday season... if not, try and see how much hot air YOU have... and let us know the results!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

December 1st = 1st snow!

We got 3" which is lots for us. Thankfully, it was Saturday and we were at home, not stranded at work. We all panic whenever the 's' word is mentioned. I know, we're wimps! :) It down poured Sunday and is still raining and windy. We like rain, but this is ridiculous! There's been flooding everywhere. I hydroplaned all the way to the Park & Ride... it was scary.

Oregon has leaves!
Wooly said, "WOW! That looks cool!" He couldn't believe I was stranding. He thought I was working on "the blue one."

Fulmar, "the blue one" is growing slowly.

This is one 24 row repeat for the front. I've been stuck here and I don't like the way the cables look... kinda tight... maybe from stress of the season?
I finally woke up from denial of Christmas. I'm making these scarves for my friends out of Kidsilk Night - the one that's shiny. I'm beading the edges. It's your basic horseshoe lace pattern called Scalloped Scarf by Rebecca DeGaris. Have you ever kitchener stitched with Kidsilk?! Yikes! I ordered more yarn since my LYS is lacking and hope it arrives soon... or they will be New Years gifts!
Hope you're all warm and cozy and able to maintain peace of mind, despite the pressure that is this season. I'm working on it daily and trying not to freak out! NO! I'm NOT decorating the house! LOL! m :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Yarny Goodness!

There was lots of happy dancing here Saturday, when my package from far far away arrived! Stranding commenced on Sunday. Oh joy! My hands remember what to do! Change color - YAY!

Do you recognize this colorway and rib?! Does this photo help? You know the one! From Vogue Knitting Holiday 2007.
Want to knit one too? Anne at She Ewe Knits is having a 'special' through the end of November! Anne is my hero. She knit a color swatch for this sweater and casually mentioned that she likes these Jamieson colors together. I'm 'sold' because I liked her swatch and trust her color sense, so immediately order. Lorraine made this sweater in it's original yarn... Anne's swatch is so close! Look for yourself here. I'm blown away! Holy cow Batman!

More yarny goodness from far far away...
I caught the Kauni fever! Village Yarn & Tea ordered some. I was late to the party (again) but managed to snag 300g of colorway EG - purple & pink! It's 1200 meters. No, I don't have a project in mind. I hope they order more in more colorways. That purple ball is from China... 924yds of cobweb cashmere! Again, no idea for a project, just had to have it. Similar to Lacey Lamb, but not stretchy.

Happy Thanksgiving! Got your turkey? Hope it's bigger than this one!
I'm sooo happy I don't have to go back to work until Monday! I'm off to work on the leaf pattern! Have a great week! m :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Honeybee Scarf
Honeybee Stole by Anne Hanson
Zephyr lace weight - claret - 50% merino + 50% silk
US4 or 3.5mm Addis Lace (circular)
80"x 18" finished size
Made for Merry

I made the petite size in length/rows, but the tall size in width/repeats. I also used a size smaller needle since I wanted a scarf.

My favorite section to knit was the Bee and Honeycomb - 3rd part. I couldn't have done it without my Addis Lace needles.

I love the vertical lines, and the finished fabric... but in the end this isn't the 'bees knees' for me. I prefer designs with more flow or movement.

When Wooly suggested I give it to his mom Merry, I thought it was a wonderful idea... after gasping and sleeping on it... after all, I still need a scarf! :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Think Pink

This pink lacy beaded shawl from Vogue Knitting Holiday 2007 is Kamati's new love. I had 2 balls of pink Lacey Lamb and found the beads (8/0 opaque rainbow) and the crochet hook (1mm) at Joann's. It was meant to be made by me! Once the yarn is knitted, it looks shinier. I wish I had 4 balls of every color... that's how much I love this yarn. It's very soft too.
You can see the beads in the photo below... I'm hoping to have it done by 12/15 so I can wear it to my nephew's 1st birthday. I wore Erin when he was born. Maybe for his second birthday I can wear Fulmar! :)
Speaking of Fulmar... I got the back done! YAY! It's 8 repeats of chart E and measures out at 21.5" wide and 23.25" long. YAY! Right where I wanted it! It's nice to be loving both projects! :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

They're Coming!

Hey! Are you ready?! They're coming! Tuxedo Kitty! Can you see them?!
"I can see everything from my post! What's coming? If it's Rocky and Adrienne Raccoon, I'm outta here! Who you calling a gargoyle?!"
The spider has spun his web for big event... we're all anxiously awaiting their arrival!

What?! You thought I was talking about Trick-or-Treaters?! LOL! HAHAH!
Okay, they're coming too...

I'm talking about my PACKAGES full of YARNY GOODNESS from lands far, far away!
My credit card is smoking!! Can't wait!! Are they here yet?!

In the meantime,

Honeybee is off the needles awaiting blocking. Wooly decided it's not for me after all, but for his mother for Christmas. Yep! It's NOT all about me... AGAIN!

Fulmar - I still enjoy seeing the cables develop and am on the 6th repeat. I'm thinking of stopping at 8 repeats.

Think Pink! I started something that's pink, lacy and shiny. We will talk about that when I have something to show. Don't you hate it when designers don't name their creations?! What's up with that?! Guess I'll have to name it!

Happy Halloween! They're coming! m :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Let it Bee

Tuxedo Kitty with green eyes,
How I would love to make you mine!
"Let me be! I'm wild and free!"
Quick! Take a picture of me!" This is Tuxedo Kitty, aka Two Socks, aka Smudge. He's a feral cat that hangs out in our backyard. I worry about him and always look for him. Isn't he cute?

Honey Bee is on the needles.

I should have the first half done tonight. I've heard it said that making this is 'acrobatic.' That's a nice word to use! I find myself holding my breath, especially on the last section (bee & honeycomb). I ask you, how healthy is that? No oxygen to the brain! No wonder I'm feeling irritated while working on it! (Or is it because I'm still not over Unst knocking me down?) I'm making it into a scarf. I need a scarf. It's getting windy and cold outside. Poor Tuxedo Kitty!

What will be, will be...
Fulmar is slowing growing. I'm at 2 repeats = 8.25" or 21cm. I'm 5'2" (short) and planning on having it hip length. It's interesting to see what others in the group are doing! Great help too!

I'm going to start a Fair Isle sweater after the scarf is done. I'm not sure which one, but no more acrobatics for me... or purling... or YO's! I want to be able to see what I creating - instant gratification please!

Be kind to your furry friends... stay warm... and remember to breathe! m :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Yarn NOW!

My yarn finally arrived! YAY! I hugged one ball, then handed it over to Wooly who sniffed it, twisted a strand through his fingers, and said, "Gansey... true navy... nice hard twist to this yarn... it will make a fabulous sweater!" Then casually turned back to his computer. I walked away grinning... yep, this is why I love him! :)

So here it is! Scottish Fleet 5 ply gansey in Navy from Virtual Yarns
For what you ask? I'm making Fulmar! Thanks to Brigitte and Lorri, I joined the Fulmar KAL! This is my first KAL and I'm so excited! I got a late start since I was waiting for my yarn, but that's okay, I'm not in a hurry.

I'm making the small size. I used 2.5mm for the rib, increasing on row 32 because I think it makes for an even rib design. Changed to 3mm for the pattern and am at row 4. Yes, the pattern doesn't line up with the rib, but I figure the rib is it's own pattern, so it doesn't bother me. I wish you could see this in person, the photo doesn't do it justice. I'm thinking this will be the female equivalent of O'Shaughnessy - my favorite male Aran - see previous post.

Okay, I'm off to do a few more rows! I want to see the cables develop!

May all your projects be in gauge! m :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Irish Ewe Aran - Nep - Wool
4mm (us5) & 5mm (us7) Denise Circular Needles
For Wooly
Wooly requested that the neck be the satin stitch roll to compliment the nautical theme - Crab Stitch Cable and Trinity Stitch which looks like barnacles. I changed the Long Cable (10 sts) to 'cross' on the 7th of 12 rows, instead of the 1st, so it wouldn't bulk at the rib.
He loves it because it's warm and lumpy bumpy. He wanted it noted that photos add 50 pounds and that he's starting his diet immediately. LOL! ;)
Other Clan Arans I have made him include:
Clan Aran's yarn
This one was made from the kit. We love their yarn - thick & soft!

O'Shaughnessey - Jamieson's Aran in Navy

I did this one with the satin stitch roll neck too. This one is still my all time favorite!

Now that we're done with Egan, it's back to being all about me... until Wooly decides to order again. Did I mention he has his own yarn stash?! He needs to learn how to knit...!

Happy Knitting! Hope you're knitting for yourself! :)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Blue Blob Blunder

Kamati is showing you his tail, because this is the end of Unst.

Remember how many obstacles I faced throughout this project? and how I overcame them all and continued on? If I only stopped and asked myself, "WHY?!" I would have figured out that I bought lace weight instead of cobweb, therefore WHY I was having tension problems and ultimately ran out of yarn! I realized I was using lace weight after I completed the first edge corner and felt sick! I kept thinking I didn't have enough yarn and noticed there was no more for sale! Then I read 'lace weight' and thought, "WHAT? NO WAY!"

I kept going and told Wooly who was more upset than me until I used the term "horse blanket" because I held it up and it's huge. He laughed so hard he had a "flip back head", you know, like a PEZ! I wish I had taken a picture! Then I told my friend Tracy at work, who also laughed then said, "Hello! You're too big friend the horse is here! Give it to ME! Okay, then you have to show it to me!" She thinks it's really cool, but I'm not giving it to her since it's not perfect or finished.

I learned that weight matters. What bothers me the most is that I didn't listen to all the signs the universe was throwing at me! Usually, I'm very aware of feelings and signs. I think I was caught up in knitting something heirloom, therefore, very cool in my mind. I spent 8 weeks on this lesson, which was well learned!

There's no crying... lots of self loathing! but, no crying! I'll make a perfect one someday in cobweb! Now it's a challenge! Can I get those 8 weeks back?! ;)

Check the weight! Knit a swatch! Check your gauge! Knit on! :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Trinity - hurts my hand

What do you think of when you hear ' Trinity?'

Holy Trinity - Father, Son & Holy Ghost?
Celtic Trinity - Earth, Water & Air?
Cooking Trinity - Onion, Celery & Bell Pepper?
Trinity Stitch - aka: Blackberry Stitch?

I'm talking about the Stitch. Making 3 out of 1 stitch and purling 3tog is hurting my hand. Egan's center panel is solid Trinity. I figured out how to lessen the pain. I use my crochet hook to make the 3rd knit stitch for the M3, and slip 1, P2tog, psso for the P3tog! Yay! :)

Wooly inspecting: "Moss.. Cable.. Crab.. *sniffs yarn*.. Cable.. Trinity.. *sniff* Yo! Is this the front or the back? Right! It doesn't matter?! The back?! Right! *snifffff* " I like the Crab Stitch. I thought those cables flanking it we're ugly/boring, but I see how it helps the design element. I love the yarn. Those flecks are navy. The knitting pops!
Kamati inspecting: "Looks like a salt-lick wall! *sniff* Is this what a sheep smells like? I'm glad I'm not a sheep! *lick* Definitely, not a salt-lick! Okay! I'm not licking!"
I decreased for the set in sleeve. It's fun using US7 and Aran yarn! Lots of gratification and feeling like I'm making progress! I forgot how fun this is!

Next time we will talk about 'blue blob' and how I'm feeling about that.
Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Alpine Scarf
Victorian Lace Today by Jane Sowerby
Zephyr lace weight - violet - 50% merino & 50% silk
US2 or 3mm Turbo Addis (circular)
60" x 18" finished size
Made for Poohla
This was a full time love-hate relationship. I'm so glad I finished it and that it blocked beautifully! But still can't wait to give it to Poohla and get it out of the house.
Note to self: You do NOT like to P2tog, YO or YO P2tog! It occured on ALL even row for Alpine and I have a bad feeling that it's part of the pattern for most of the non-heirloom knitting lace patterns you have. You need to get over it fast!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Wooly does it again!

Wooly Yarnmeister, Irish Yarn Snob Extraordinaire, my hubby!
Wooly: "Yo! My pattern and yarn are here! Will you make it for me? PLEEESE...."
Pattern: Egan, Yarn: Irish Ewe Aran in Nep
Wooly: "It's real Irish yarn from county Kerry! It even smells like a sheep... can you smell it?! here, smell it!..."
Me: "Okay..., but I want FULL participation from you... you can't just buy the pattern and yarn and expect a sweater to appear... FULL participation!

Wooly winding his wool... supervised by Kamati the Gemsbok...
Kamati moves in for a close look... yarn ball is getting bigger.
Wooly: "Looks like a cake! Can I eat it?!"

Kamati: "What a dumb thing to say!"

Me : no comment

Repeat 5 more times for a total of 6 cakes.

This is nothing new! I have already made Wooly 8 sweaters and each time he has bought the wool and pattern all by himself. At least he wears them constantly during fall and winter. You should see him fold, unfold, smell, admire, pet, and repeat. He really loves them, so I'm willing to make them. I'm still trying to get him to knit, but he keeps saying, "as soon as you learn to play the bagpipes!" which will never happen!

I'm not starting until Labor Day (this coming) weekend. In the meantime, I'm still working on Alpine and Unst's edging.

Wonder how many knitter's partners do this? I'm probably the only 'lucky' one! :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Cut + Unst Border #2

Cut and repeat.

Cutting the waste cast on rows and picking up 185 stitches wasn't as hard as I thought.

I went all the way to Africa, and the only thing I bought for myself was this Gemsbok!

He's great for modeling, listening to me ramble, and staring at me.

Then there were TWO!

I completed the second border (right side) and enjoyed watching those motifs appear again.

Here's a close up of my favorites... I like diamond shapes and think my tension might be getting better.
After finishing Border #1, I rewarded myself by buying the Bee Stole!
I have 2 skeins of the dark red Fino that I've been saving for something special. But I also like the Zephyr in chanel (fushia). I like the vertical lines of the stole. Not starting yet!

Now I'm off to work on Alpine for a while before starting the Unst's edging. Remember? Edging is like sleeves... not fun, easy to put off, but if you don't complete it, you can't wear it! :) and I can't start anything else. Now maybe I'll reward myself for finishing Border#2... there's another pattern I want!

Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Unst Border #1

Yes, I'm back to reality, knitting away!

I present my Unst Border #1 (side view)

Here's a close up of the first half...

Here's the second half...
Now I have to CUT the cast on waste stitches and pick up 185 stitches...
so I can knit the 2nd border... not that I didn't enjoy making the first border... but, CUT??!
The only cutting I do is for steeks - and that was scary the first time! Bad things can happen!
Yes, I'm doing my version of avoidance... I think I need to... shop! ;)

Bye Gail B!

My knitting and quilting mentor Gail B retired, sold her house and moved to Pittsburg, PA.
We worked together for the last 10 years. She started the 'Knitting at Noon' gang every Friday, which was a joy. She gave me the best gift that keeps on giving - knitting and quilting!
I know you will miss Little Knits - but at least you can still shop there online. :)
Now you need to start blogging, so everyone can see what you're knitting!

Here's my 'proof of life' photo:
Me at my desk holding Alpine. I decided I need to work on Alpine during lunch, or she will never get done by Christmas.
Gail - you can image the stealth it took to get this photo taken without comments/questions from the peanut gallery! Thanks to Mike T for taking this photo, nobody knew it happened! ;)
Yes, I've got my website on my screen! See Gail! It's really me! Now start blogging!

Okay, enough fun! I'm off to start cutting... wait, what about the shopping?! :)

Happy Knitting everyone! Knit on!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Back From Africa

Namibia, Africa 7/22 to 7/31
I love this shadow photo of Wooly and I.

We stayed at Eden Wildlife Safari.
90 miles east of Grootfontaine.
Here's the lodge and the fire pit - our favorite place.
From the fire pit you can see the waterhole, where the animals come to drink and stare at you. You could set your watch by who came when.

This is our guide Voter (say it with your best German accent!) and his dog Mauser. Mauser had the biggest personality and had a grunt and sound for each action and emotion. I miss him already. He followed us everywhere and was constant entertainment.

Kudu - male has the horns. Also known as The Gray Ghost. They're very majestic. Wooly says he's coming back as a Kudu.
Gemsbok or Oryx. I'm coming back as one of these. Fierce, yet beautiful, with chopstick like horns. Males have thicker short horns, females have thin long horn.
Giraffes - whole family at dusk. They're so tender looking and inquisitive. They just stood there and stared at us until they realized the jeep wasn't going to stop!
Springbok - aren't they pretty! They can run and leap really fast too. Only males have horns.
Waterbok dueling - they're real wooly and look like the belong in north America. I love the white ring on their rear. The females don't have horns. We heard them dueling at night too, along with the jackals howling.
Blue Wildebeest - they're the clowns always acting crazy and scaring everyone else away. Warthogs (Pumba) in the rear.
Wooly's niece Ciss. Yes, she knit that scarf while we were there. Actually, she knit 3 scarves while there, which was more than I did! I couldn't focus! I was distracted by the animals!
Dusk at Eden.
What an adventure! It seems like a dream. I am glad to be back home, but miss the animals staring at me. Where's Mauser?! ; )