Tuesday, October 30, 2007

They're Coming!

Hey! Are you ready?! They're coming! Tuxedo Kitty! Can you see them?!
"I can see everything from my post! What's coming? If it's Rocky and Adrienne Raccoon, I'm outta here! Who you calling a gargoyle?!"
The spider has spun his web for big event... we're all anxiously awaiting their arrival!

What?! You thought I was talking about Trick-or-Treaters?! LOL! HAHAH!
Okay, they're coming too...

I'm talking about my PACKAGES full of YARNY GOODNESS from lands far, far away!
My credit card is smoking!! Can't wait!! Are they here yet?!

In the meantime,

Honeybee is off the needles awaiting blocking. Wooly decided it's not for me after all, but for his mother for Christmas. Yep! It's NOT all about me... AGAIN!

Fulmar - I still enjoy seeing the cables develop and am on the 6th repeat. I'm thinking of stopping at 8 repeats.

Think Pink! I started something that's pink, lacy and shiny. We will talk about that when I have something to show. Don't you hate it when designers don't name their creations?! What's up with that?! Guess I'll have to name it!

Happy Halloween! They're coming! m :)


Anonymous said...

OOhhhh, goodies in the mail! I know what that's like......very exciting!

Tuxedo Cat is starting to look cold...hint hint....maybe he'd like to come in for the winter?

Brigitte said...

Oooo, crossing my fingers for you that you get your packages soon!

Wow, 6 repeats! Of the 24-row cable? That's excellent.

Oh, I hope little tuxedo kitty does want to come inside for the winter.

Lorraine said...

I'm excited about the yarn and the tricker treaters!

So is Mr. Spider, by the looks of things.

carolyn said...

Six repeats already! I don't even have 6 sets of 12, let alone 6 complete sets of 24.
That's great and I'm envious.
My Fulmar is temporarily hibernating for an emergency set of kid mittens.