Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Leaf Me Alone

I got a Maple Leaf!

Whistler front

Whistler back
I can't remember how many times I ripped and re-knitted. Wooly asked what was wrong with me and finally exclaimed, "This is The Project From Hell!" This may be the one and only Norwegian sweater I make, so I'm determined to do it right.

My 'placket buddy' Jewel wrote an excellent blog post on how to do the neck decreased in the round. After reading it, I ripped back to the neck opening and did it like she did. Thanks Jewel! I'm very happy now. :)

So now I started a sleeve...and am in 'sleeve hell.' So far so good, I haven't ripped back, but it's early yet. ;)

Speaking of hell...

I don't know if it's because I'm having problems with this sweater... this month has been hell. Lots of anxiety for me. Work is total chaos. I met with my supervisor & asked if I had anything to worry about. He said, "No, you are 3rd highest in the group and part time... sign here." I was shocked I was doing that well, so I signed. Then everyone was questioning why I signed it... which caused doubt. So I talked to him again & he showed me the stats. I'm just going to continue on. I guess I'm worried about job security... like it exists! lol!

So, I cut my hair.

Then there's another part of life that's been out of my control. It finally got 'settled' yesterday. So I'm back to my old self again. I decided to celebrate and bought myself some tulips.

My parents just came back from Hawaii.
My brother, SIL, Mr K & Corey are heading to Hawaii in a few days.
When are we leaving?!

I told Wooly we should go to the Coast and take our sweaters. We've had a mild winter, so never wore them. I would take Fulmar & Whistler. I want to get away!

I guess I should be happy I got the 'monkey' off my back.

Back to sleeve hell for me. I've been watching skiing & snowboarding on tv. It's getting me excited for the Olympic Games next month. I'm hoping to have Whistler done by then. I'm not holding my breath though.

Happy Knitting! :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Norway Out

"Thanks Auntie Michele for my very own hat! 
I can take it off all by myself! I'm a big boy!"

"Thanks Auntie Michele for my hat! Will you buy me a car? 
No, a real one."

I sent Mr K his hat for his birthday. They sent me a picture of Corey wearing it & it's too big & he looks pissed. So, I made Corey a hat for his birthday. Yes, the guilt worked. ;)

"What is it? I'm scared!"
"Smoothie, don't get too close, it might eat you!"
"Yeah, Mom calls it a 'black hole!' "
"She said, 'Shish Coom Bah, who knew Stockinette could be so blah...'"
"Yeah, then Dad laughed."

The Norwegian KAL started New Year's Day (midnight Oslo time). It's been lots of fun seeing everyone's progress. I'm glad lots of other people were in stockinette hell with me. Wow, I forgot how much I dislike doing it. Now that I'm in the color work, I'm enjoying it. I ripped out the color work twice. Still not thrilled, but hoping blocking evens everything out.

2009 Wrap Up

I was reflecting on 2009 and have to say it was a good year.

I finished The Princess!

Finishing The Princess was definitely a highlight!

Dyeing yarn and having 'beginner's luck' was also a highlight.

Not to mention Corey being born.

I got full range motion back in my right arm & shoulder. Realized my headaches were a result of my neck being out. 

The biggest highlight.
I was sitting on my couch, holding the tv remote, half watching tv & half wishing the KAL would hurry & start, when Wooly walks up to me. I held up the remote to give it to him, he motioned me to scoot over. I got scared thinking this either means tickle attack or bad news.

He says, "I want to tell you something... You know, I've been waiting my whole life for this... I'm very happy with where we 'are' right now and have YOU to thank for it."

I say, "What?! WOW! I can't believe it! Say it again!"


You know, we want to know we're loved & appreciated. Men, you need to say it out loud. Eating all your food off your plate isn't enough. Tell your better half that you love & appreciate her. Just do it. Now.

Onward to 2010

New Years Day my amaryllis just started to open up. Today it looks like this.

I'm hoping this year will be a great year too.

I'm looking forward to finishing Whistler (the black hole).

The Wedding Ring Shawl is being reissued. (I'm very curious about the cashmere.)

And I hope to make great progress on The Queen. (I'm still knitting the edge points. Don't know why that's so hard for me! But, I'm over half done.)

So, cheers to 2010!
I've been saying, "Here's to a new decade!"
Wooly corrected me, I guess the new decade starts next year. I still don't get it, but guess it really doesn't matter.

Happy Knitting! :)