Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dyeing for The Queen

My first attempt at dyeing yarn ever, in my entire life...
I say I got lucky! Beginner's luck for sure! LOOK!
Same color as my Japanese Iris! I'm calling her my Japanese Iris Queen!
I used Jacquard Lilac + Hot Fuchsia.
My favorite flower... besides my pink peony.

It's 2/52 gossamer yarn. Merino (60%) Cashmere (20%) Silk (20%). It's Fleegle's 'Perfect Yarn' which she has named Phoenix. She bought it in Japan & loved it, then realized she bought the last skein ever. She contacted a mill in China who could reproduce it for her, but the minimum order was 50 kilos. She asked in Ravelry's Heirloom Knitting/Princess group if anyone wanted a cone or 10 skeins (both equal a kilo). I ordered 1 kilo in skeins, with the plan to dye it for my Queen. Fleegle is going to open an online store later this year. She's dyeing yarn like crazy & will have laceweight too. I'm pretty sure she will do well since lots of people know her & she's got a great reputation & an awesome knitter. I'm thrilled to be in on this from the start! I'm usually asleep when great opportunities arise.

I also dyed some Knit Picks Bare Merino laceweight...

and got this! Lilac + touch of Hot Fuchsia. I'm going to make Mom's Christmas present out of this.

I also made what I'm calling Geranium for my Aeolian out of the other skein of KP Bare laceweight. Fire Red + touch of Salmon. I was so anxious, I forgot to take a picture of the skein.

Which is good, because nothing has been thrilling me since I finished The Princess.

I've also started Bluebird for Poohla's Christmas present. This is KP Gloss - Mermaid. It's a little more green than this picture.

I asked Poohla what her favorite color is this year. She said, "Turquoise!" I fell on the floor, because turquoise is MY favorite color. I dug through my stash & took her 5 skein of various blue/greens and asked her which is her idea of turquoise? She chose the Mermaid. Then said, "But that (lacey lamb) is the color of turquoise stones..." which I consider turquoise! Good thing I asked!

I'm going to try and get Christmas knitting & maybe Delphine done before starting The Queen. Last year I was rushing and ended up hurting my shoulder. Don't want to repeat that.

I hope to be dyeing more for myself later too. I still have 8 skeins of Phoenix, which will make 4 more large gossamer shawls. Fun fun fun! Oh! and I found out that you can test the color you made in your pot by dropping in a little yarn. I didn't know that! Like I said, "Beginner's luck!"

Have a great week! Sending some luck your way! :)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Princess

"Dreams don't matter, unless you make them come true..."


Can you believe it?!

Oh My GOD!

I knit this?! Me?! Really?!

Look! I can wear it!

I can fly!

Center feather detail

I'm in love!

Really smitten!

Can't stop smiling!

I can't believe I finished this!

Breathe. Okay. Now the details.

Princess Shawl - Sharon Miller
Heirloom Knitting Gossamer Merino - 220grams
2mm US 0 Knit Pick Circular Needles

70.5" X 109" point to point
140" around upper edge
134" around bottom edge
26" from edge through Border to Center edge
24.5" from edge through border's center feather to Center edge pt
4" edge points

Started 1/1/2008
I took Laritza's advice & knit 72 edge points, picked up 12 sts per point + 1 in the middle = 865 sts.

After Center completed, I knit 2 rows, yo - K3 tog - yo break row to mimic the break row before the Border. Knit 2 rows. Took Seaglass' advice & short rowed, so there was no jog.

On the final edge I ran out of yarn. Ordered more 20 grams.

After I finished, I wasn't thrilled. I thought the Border looked too short & the Center too big. It really looked like Havarti cheese.

Wooly called me out & said, "You need to block it. It always looks like shit before you block it. DO IT NOW!"

I was skeptical. Washed the kitchen sink & let it soak for 30 minutes. Blocking took me 1.5 hours ... I'm anal. Water spray bottle was my friend.

Couldn't believe the transformation! I'm thrilled with it! Love it! Can't stop staring & petting!
Finished & blocked 7/31/09.

Photo shoot 8/1. Almost had a major disaster. Zipper on my dress is NOT my friend! Shawl got hooked on it. Wooly saved the day. No damage. Whew!

Boy, this sure was an emotional roller coaster ride. I'm glad I finished on a high note. Glad I stuck with the wool too. It was really smooth & strong (2ply) and blocked out great. I kinda still wish it was a color other than natural white.

I need to thank everyone for their encouragement, support & advice. I would have never completed this without you. Love you all!

I still can't believe I knit this. ME! *happy dance*

So, what's your dream?

I think I've got a Queen in my future! :)

But don't hold your breath. There's a lot of thinking & planning to do for Her.

Onward & upward! :)