Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fat Cat

Wooly's birthday is this week!
He got this card from his sister Poohla.

Wooly: "Who's this suppose to be... Mischief?"

Me: "No, I think it's YOU! Large and in Charge!" LOL! :)

Wooly: "No, it can't be..!"

Me: "Yes, look at those green eyes...!" LOL! :)

I love that card! It's so 'Wooly'! And his family's attitude towards birthdays.

In Knitting News, Oregon has a sleeve and I started the second sleeve.
It's still a joy and I will be sad when I'm finished.

We had a Snow Day on Monday! I love snow covered trees.
After the Rain Cloud pain in my headache (Cologne),

Kamati reminded me that I have Simurgh and Anne Hanson knows how to write a lace pattern so that all you have to do is follow directions. Oh! and I just bought Claudia's Hand Painted Yarn - silk lace - in Just Plum. So, on my Snow Day I celebrated and casted on!
The Large Feather section. What a joy! I think this is my new favorite lace yarn! I was thinking of giving this to Poohla for Christmas, but I might just keep it for myself. :)

Celebrate everyday! Give your 'Fat Cat' a hug! :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Rain Cloud

Pick a Rain Cloud (Rowan 4 ply soft - merino) Add Sugar Mountain (Alchemy Haiku - silk & mohair)
Make Cologne (from Rowan Magazine 42)

A seed I'm planting is to do shaping without fear!

Boy, did I pick a 'challenging' project!

"I have a Rain Cloud Crown!... I'm getting depressed... Hello? Get this off me!"

Make a swatch... chart problems... gauge problems...

But, you know me... determined that I can figure this out... nothing will stop me!

Make another swatch... yay! Perfect!

I'm at the point where I decrease for the armholes. This hasn't been an easy ride! I've learned to count the number of stitches at the end of each row.

Yes, Rain Cloud changes in different light. To be honest... knitting this is a pain in my headache! LOL! :)

But, I'm determined! :)

Okay! Enough! I'm working on Oregon's sleeve... or Fulmar's sleeve... :)

Happy Knitting! Knit what makes you happy! :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Little Mischief

We went to visit Poohla (Wooly's sister) and were graced with Mischief!
"Please! Let me in NOW!"
Wooly always ribs Poohla by saying, "You have a cat?!" Mischief is very elusive and I call her Stealth Kitty. This is the first time we've seen her up close and I can't believe she let me take her picture. She's small, 8lbs max.

Wooly's Mischief
Thanks to Wooly, I finished the front of Fulmar, the blue one.

I had 1 repeat done and was stuck. I kicked it around my couch for weeks. Wooly grabbed it, put it on his tummy and said, "What's wrong?! Why aren't you working on the blue one? Heehee... this is gonna fit me! Wow! This is a burner... Blue Fleet Heat! Don't you want a fabulous sweater?! Why aren't you working on this?!"

That was just the kick in the rear I needed.

Blue Eye Jack - Social Experiment You know Jack... antenna ball. We both wanted the Holiday Jack, but were too late, so we got everyday Jack. We put them on our cars a month ago... and they're both still with us! We will see how long it takes for someone to steal him. That's our Social Experiment for 2008.

So, a little mischief is good... sometimes exactly what we need... and tempting. Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Plant a Seed

Plant a seed... watch it grow!
My tradition is to plant an amaryllis bulb and watch is grow.
In 2006 I had a total of 9 blooms from 1 bulb! I considered it a reward for making it through an awful 2006. For 2007 I ended up with 5 blooms! I'm happy and 2007 was a good year. We will see what 2008 will bring.

Plant a seed... grow a forest!

Oregon has a forest! I'm enjoying stranding again and found out that I can strand while visiting with friends who 'stop by!' It's also nice to put it down anytime, instead of at the end of a row. Kamati wants you to know he's still here despite everyone wanting to take him home. I wanted him to be 'Rudolph', but he refused to have a red nose.

Plant a seed of kindness and generosity...

I ended up with 6 scarves to give for Christmas. I decided to give them to people at work that I thought were generous and kind throughout the year and told so. It thrills me to see their reactions and see them wearing them. I out did myself with the KSN & beads and have no idea what I will do for 2008. Good behavior deserved rewards. :)

More seeds are waiting to be planted for 2008. It will be fun to see what grows and how many blooms we get! Got your seeds ready? m :)