Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fat Cat

Wooly's birthday is this week!
He got this card from his sister Poohla.

Wooly: "Who's this suppose to be... Mischief?"

Me: "No, I think it's YOU! Large and in Charge!" LOL! :)

Wooly: "No, it can't be..!"

Me: "Yes, look at those green eyes...!" LOL! :)

I love that card! It's so 'Wooly'! And his family's attitude towards birthdays.

In Knitting News, Oregon has a sleeve and I started the second sleeve.
It's still a joy and I will be sad when I'm finished.

We had a Snow Day on Monday! I love snow covered trees.
After the Rain Cloud pain in my headache (Cologne),

Kamati reminded me that I have Simurgh and Anne Hanson knows how to write a lace pattern so that all you have to do is follow directions. Oh! and I just bought Claudia's Hand Painted Yarn - silk lace - in Just Plum. So, on my Snow Day I celebrated and casted on!
The Large Feather section. What a joy! I think this is my new favorite lace yarn! I was thinking of giving this to Poohla for Christmas, but I might just keep it for myself. :)

Celebrate everyday! Give your 'Fat Cat' a hug! :)


Brigitte said...

Heh heh, Poohla sounds like she has a great sense of humour!

Wow, you're making quick work of Oregon. And that shawl is beautiful, such a lovely colour. I love plum shades.

Anne said...

Hi Happy Birthday to Wooly from us up here in Canada!!!

Love your Oregon -- great work (and fast too!)

Your lace is to drool over.....lovely

We have hardly any snow up here -- but tomorrow we're getting some -- dear hubby is already thinking about a snow day LOL!!!

Happy Knitting

Lorraine said...

Michelle- It looks like a pig/cat- sorta cute in a weird way.

Love your lace.

Lorri said...

Love your Oregon! The colors work so well together. I am sure that you will love wearing it when you are finished!

carolyn said...

Beautiful Oregon! You have knitted that up so fast. That's a cardigan I really want to make...eventually anyway.
Cute cat card, and it does look like a pig/cat, like Lorraine said.
(I hate to copy but it's so true!)