Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Swift Storm

Remember Rain Cloud, pain in my headache, Cologne?
It turned into a Storm of Determination, and I got this... "Mom, are you sure all the pieces are here? Can you remove my crown now that you're done with Rain Cloud? What? I'm a 'swift'?? I know I'm a fast runner... what does that have to do with my yarn crown? Stop laughing!"

I got excited that I was almost done, then realized I needed sleeves! :) Half way through the first sleeve, I thought I was going to run out of yarn, so I knit faster. On the second sleeve, I thought, "Gee, this is fun! I'm gonna make another Cologne..." At that point I caught myself and had to laugh out loud. :D I would have never thought I would be so in love with this project.

I used Sugar Mountain doubled for the knit edging. I'm surprised and pleased at how 'solid' of a color I got. I liked it so much, I did the first crochet edging around the entire sweater & sleeves in it.

For the second and third crochet edging, I've got choices! I'm leaning towards Fountain & Thunder. But I keep changing my mind.
Meanwhile, Kamati is pouting and staring out the back door singing...
"Where, oh where has Tuxedo Kitty gone? Oh where, oh where can he beeee? With his big white shirt and his two white socks... Oh where, oh where can he beeee...?"

He wants Tuxedo Kitty to live with us so I'll pick on him instead.

Look who I saw sitting at our neighbor's front door! Now we need to find out if he belongs to them. Wooly thinks it's a different cat because he looks smaller... DUH! He's across the street! Hope you're having a 'knitting storm' at your house too!

Happy Knitting & Happy Valentine's Day! :)


Anne said...

Your Cologne looks lovely. I used to be a Rowan addict -- I miss it sometimes....

Tuxedo Kitty probably gave up on you guys because you didn't let him come in and play -- he's probably trying out the neighbours now! (They probably think he belongs to you LOL!)

Lorraine said...

Michelle- It ain't called Kidsilk crack for nothing.

Lovely sweater- whatever color you choose will look great.

Brigitte said...

Cologne is beautiful! I can't wait to see it made up, it's such a lovely design. I think the trim colours are perfect - the paler blue may get lost next to the main colour.

Kamati cracks me up! Who knew he could be so chatty?!! LOL.

carolyn said...

Cologne looks beautiful!
The trim is going to really perk it up too... it looks so delicate... like a cloud.