Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Gas money to Mom & Dad's house : $____
Antlers and Santa Hat : $____
Ability to inflate your Santa's hat : PRICELESS!!!
Wooly has a lot of hot air!
We were all laughing and I am surprised Mom was able to get this photo.
Look what we got from Mom & Dad for Christmas!
Angel and The Fatman (Badman)!
I thought Wooly was trying to rip his hat off, but I was wrong!
Hope you all have lots of fun this holiday season... if not, try and see how much hot air YOU have... and let us know the results!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

December 1st = 1st snow!

We got 3" which is lots for us. Thankfully, it was Saturday and we were at home, not stranded at work. We all panic whenever the 's' word is mentioned. I know, we're wimps! :) It down poured Sunday and is still raining and windy. We like rain, but this is ridiculous! There's been flooding everywhere. I hydroplaned all the way to the Park & Ride... it was scary.

Oregon has leaves!
Wooly said, "WOW! That looks cool!" He couldn't believe I was stranding. He thought I was working on "the blue one."

Fulmar, "the blue one" is growing slowly.

This is one 24 row repeat for the front. I've been stuck here and I don't like the way the cables look... kinda tight... maybe from stress of the season?
I finally woke up from denial of Christmas. I'm making these scarves for my friends out of Kidsilk Night - the one that's shiny. I'm beading the edges. It's your basic horseshoe lace pattern called Scalloped Scarf by Rebecca DeGaris. Have you ever kitchener stitched with Kidsilk?! Yikes! I ordered more yarn since my LYS is lacking and hope it arrives soon... or they will be New Years gifts!
Hope you're all warm and cozy and able to maintain peace of mind, despite the pressure that is this season. I'm working on it daily and trying not to freak out! NO! I'm NOT decorating the house! LOL! m :)