Wednesday, November 10, 2010


"I fail to see the humor. This defines exploited."
"So, what happens if we lose these mittens?... we get no pie?!"
"Shut up! We're NOT kittens! Don't give her any ideas!"
Is this what 'pooling' means?
These monsters knit up really fast. Now I've just got to stuff & sew them up.

Speaking of pie...
 Grandpa had a lemon meringue pie for his birthday. Mr K & Corey put on the candles.
 I guess Grandpa is six. Mr K helped blow them out.
Notice the San Francisco place mats, in honor of the Giant's World Series Win.
  Mr K loves pie and wasted no time eating his whole piece.
 Corey was more interested in the edaname.
Guess what Grandpa got for his birthday? Wii would like to play too, but it was all Mr K.
Poor Corey doesn't know the batteries were removed from his remote.

I asked Mr K what is favorite color is. He said, "blue, green & black."
I asked him if he knew what Corey's favorite color is. He said, "Corey hasn't told me."
I said, "Yeah, he hasn't told me either."
Brother started laughing.

We all had fun and Wooly was happy the boys got use to him (after 3 hours) and he got a high-five from both of them when we left. Yeah, Uncle Wooly is pretty intimidating - big & loud... even without his bagpipes.

Wooly has a re occurring dream that one of them asks him to mentor him in piping. Wooly gives him lessons and takes him to all the games and he ends up being really great. I keep telling him not to hold his breath. You know Brother & SIL aren't into piping. It makes me feel bad for Wooly.
 While watching the Giants win the World Series (baseball), I got a lot of knitting time and managed to get the body done for the Red Queen. Now on to the sleeves.

"Mom, you really think your fat head is going to fit through that hole?"
"Smoothie, shut up. That's why you don't get any pie."


Happy Knitting! :)
I'm looking forward to pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.