Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nice Dog

"Hey! Look at the nice dog over there in the truck...
Let's go say 'hi' to the nice dog..."

"How do you know it's a nice dog?!"

"C'mon! Let's go make friends!"
"Yeah, you're a nice dog, aren't you..."

This is a rare moment...

Wooly petting a dog?! Are we in bizzarro world?!
You know I love animals, especially dogs.
Wooly likes to say, "Yeah, I love other people's dogs... I love animals... I love to EAT them!"

Don't worry, he hasn't eaten a dog.

Notice the Gemsboks on his shirt? Yes! Like Kamati! :)

Scottish Highland Games

It's that time of year again!
We went to Ferndale WA last Saturday. I went to hear the bands. Wooly wanted to listen to the individual competitions too.

You know my shoulder still hurts, and I'm not suppose to be carrying anything heavy... like a CHAIR! I finally just set my chair down, sat on it.

Wooly comes over & I ask him what he thinks...
"Oh, I can make as many mistakes as they can!" LOL! :)

We had lunch with his friend's family. They have 3 cute grandkids, who were excellent helpers. They brought out & set up all the condiments for the hotdogs & hamburgers & chips.

The oldest child (around 7 yrs old) pointed & yelled out,
"NO dogs allowed! Absolutely, NO dogs!"

We look over, and there's a guy walking this huge black & tan dog.
I say, "Yeah! That's one huge dog!"

All around the park there were signs that said exactly what she said.
It was pretty funny. I tried really hard not to laugh, but it was really funny.
Kids are so funny. :)

SFU World Champions

After lunch it was Pipe Band Competition time - yay!

The RMM grade 3 pipe band (SFU's feeder band) marched up to the line & there was a delay. I looked over at the Judges' table & asked Wooly if we were waiting on a Judge again. He disgustingly said, "Maybe..." Then I look back at the field & Wooly says, "What's Jack doing on the field?" I said, "Isn't that his son that he's yelling at?!" Wooly says, "Yes, his son is the Pipe Major... Holy crap! I've never seen Jack that mad!" Then they started playing a tune. Wooly thinks he was concerned about the pipes going out of tune during the wait.

You know SFU won the World's last year. Wooly thinks that now that they've won it, they want to keep it & make Canada a hub for world piping... lots of pressure. YIKES! I don't need that kind of pressure!

In Knitting News

I'm distracting you from The Princess...

Here's Delphine...
I started this earlier this year, just never blogged about it. I love how the greens read blue. I also love large XOX patterns & that the X's are speckled. Now that I'm immersed in lace, I miss fair isle.

In Princess News, I've got 12 more rows on the Center, and then the Edging, left to do. It's frustrating having a bum shoulder... I'ld be on the Edging by now, dammit. When I work on it, I feel like a Caterpillar making it's cocoon... I don't want to be a caterpillar anymore!! Alright, enough whining for this post.

See, I create my own pressure! :)

What's Blooming?

My white Peony is blooming! YAY! I got 2 flowers this year!

My pink one is still budding.

Speaking of white... Since I've been taking breaks from knitting, I've been watching QVC & buying make up. So, I put my 'face' on and walked into the living room while Wooly was watching Deadliest Catch (Crab) and Wooly says, "Wait, come here, there's something on your face... oh, it's just makeup... I thought you smeared something on your face..."

LOL! That just killed me! He's so use to me being a white face, with no Smoothie!

"MOM! I heard that!"

Hahaha! Smoothie, I love you, relax!

Hey, don't you guys have a song you want to sing?

Tale Telling Turtle, "You put your right arm in, You put your right arm up, You put your right arm on the wall,... and you stretch your shoulder out..."

Smoothie, "You do the hokey pokey,... and you turn yourself around..."

Everyone, "That's what it's all about!"

Kamati, "Um, I'm NOT the wall! I going to poop now...!"

Yikes! Everyone RUN!

Nice white face dog

Okay, I'm off to do the hokey pokey,... er,... stretch my shoulder out.

Have a great week & enjoy the sunshine!

Maybe make a new friend! :)