Thursday, November 27, 2008

Autumn in NY

Can you see me? Like my boots?
Like the shawl better?!

Autumn in New York - Badcat Design
Noro Silk Garden Sock - S245
6/0 Crystal AB glass beads
Turbo Addis Lace Needles - US5 or 3.75mm
58" x 27"

BadCat doesn't recommend beading Noro, but you know me, just had to do it! It was a pain in my headache and I wouldn't do it again. I like the multi-colors & shine of the silk & beads & the weight of the shawl. It's very cozy and I will be keeping it for myself. Thanks Badcat! :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

In Mr K's world, there's the usual silliness...

"Pumpkin pie?! NOooooo!"

"Gobble gobble..." Turkey imitation

That would be a rice scooper for his beak...
and yes, we spared his pumpkin.
You should have seen him storm off with his pumpkin! heehee!

Sitcom continues...

Here's a story, since I haven't shared any lately.

I was sitting in my chair knitting, minding my own business, when I smelt something and walked into the kitchen to find the stove's back burner red hot. I turned it off, marched down the stairs, opened the door and gave Wooly 'the look.'

He immediately shuts downs his bagpipes and says, "What?! What's wrong?" I say, "You trying to burn the house down again?!"

We march up the stairs while he mutters about how he was burning the grease off the burner.

We get to the stove and I say, "I turned it off for you, but you can see how hot it was..." He says, "Well, I moved everything around it away..." and does his 'gift of the gab routine.'

I smack him on his head.

Wooly says, "What. I couldda had a V8?!"

I start laughing and say, "No, you cannot multi-task! If you turn on the burner, you have to stay in the kitchen until you turn it off! You're lucky I was home to smell it!"

Wooly says, "Well, it happened before, it happened today, and will happen again!!"

(Isn't that just the last thing you want to hear?!)

The next day, I say, "Hey Wooly..."

He's marching up the stairs and says, "What? WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT???!!!!!"

I ask, "What are you yelling at me for?"

Wooly, "Because you're gonna yell at me again!!"

I ask, "Did you do something that deserves being yelled at?"

Wooly, "No, but you yelled at me yesterday...(turns his back to me, does his winey voice and continues gabbing)

When there's finally a pause I ask, "You want some cheese with that wine??!!"

Wooly: (no comment-rare silence)

Me: "Did you get it?"

Wooly: "smurk, heehee! Gawd! Where do you get these things??!!"

Okay, I never yelled at him.

Oh! and I got myself into Ravelry as Miyamojo. I guess I've got to get a Flicker account to download photos??! Why? Why can't I just download from my computer like Blogger? I don't want another account... no, I don't want any cheese! ;)

Have a great week! I started my Christmas knitting and will share next time. I'm off to do the Thanksgiving feast! :)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Blue Fleet Heat

Say it with me...


Gotta love that saddle sleeve!

How about all those cables?!

Okay, never mind that serious face. I really do love it!

Fulmar - Alice Starmore - Aran Knitting
Scottish Fleet - 5ply gansey - Navy
2.75mm + 3mm needles

This is the ultimate Aran Gansey (IMHO).
Wooly can't keep his paws off it and wants one too. I keep telling him it's a 'female' sweater! Okay, yes, men can wear it too! SSHhhh! I don't want to make another! It almost killed my hands! ;)

Autumn in New York

I was ready for some color and decided to knit along with BadCat again.

"OOoohh! Shiny!" Smoothie
"This is so my color. It's for me, right?" Kamati

I'm using Noro Silk Garden Sock in the same colorway as BadCat. You know how there's no two exact same skeins of Noro... mine looks totally different from hers, plus I'm following the beaded charts, since I miss knitting with beads. This yarn is testing my 'control' tendencies, because it's morphing from cobweb to chunky. I cut out a section because I knew there was no way I could hook a bead where I needed to. It's suppose to be fingering weight! Whatever!! :b

My Two Favorite Boys

"All you need is pajamas!" Mr K
"All I need is Alhambra!" me
"I need a strong drink!" Wooly

I love is photo! It sums up the evening. We took Dad out for his birthday. All I'm going to say is that things didn't go smoothly, it wasn't easy, and Brother & I both lost sleep over it. The only one who had a great time was Mr K, who was well behaved and lots of fun, like usual. Like my scarf?!


Hope, not fear

For the record:

Two years ago, when the presidential candidates were emerging, we were with Wooly's family and the question was posed, "Who's going to be the next president?" Everyone had their opinion. I said, "Barack Obama..." and was poo-pooed and shunned.

Neener neener assholes! ;)

His family is very political and news junkies. Ciss (Wooly's niece) and I sit in the back and knit and make bets on how long it's going to take for 'such&such' subject to emerge. Yes, we're the peanut gallery! :D

I do enjoy being with Wooly's family more than my own, but I've been known to be the black sheep (on both sides!)

Mr K calls sheep, 'bahh!' I told him it's very important to know what a sheep is... not to mention wool, yarn, knitting... :)

I like being a black sheep. Baahh... Wooly is a black sheep too. Baahh... Good thing we found each other!

Hope... it's a good thing! :)