Thursday, November 27, 2008

Autumn in NY

Can you see me? Like my boots?
Like the shawl better?!

Autumn in New York - Badcat Design
Noro Silk Garden Sock - S245
6/0 Crystal AB glass beads
Turbo Addis Lace Needles - US5 or 3.75mm
58" x 27"

BadCat doesn't recommend beading Noro, but you know me, just had to do it! It was a pain in my headache and I wouldn't do it again. I like the multi-colors & shine of the silk & beads & the weight of the shawl. It's very cozy and I will be keeping it for myself. Thanks Badcat! :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

In Mr K's world, there's the usual silliness...

"Pumpkin pie?! NOooooo!"

"Gobble gobble..." Turkey imitation

That would be a rice scooper for his beak...
and yes, we spared his pumpkin.
You should have seen him storm off with his pumpkin! heehee!

Sitcom continues...

Here's a story, since I haven't shared any lately.

I was sitting in my chair knitting, minding my own business, when I smelt something and walked into the kitchen to find the stove's back burner red hot. I turned it off, marched down the stairs, opened the door and gave Wooly 'the look.'

He immediately shuts downs his bagpipes and says, "What?! What's wrong?" I say, "You trying to burn the house down again?!"

We march up the stairs while he mutters about how he was burning the grease off the burner.

We get to the stove and I say, "I turned it off for you, but you can see how hot it was..." He says, "Well, I moved everything around it away..." and does his 'gift of the gab routine.'

I smack him on his head.

Wooly says, "What. I couldda had a V8?!"

I start laughing and say, "No, you cannot multi-task! If you turn on the burner, you have to stay in the kitchen until you turn it off! You're lucky I was home to smell it!"

Wooly says, "Well, it happened before, it happened today, and will happen again!!"

(Isn't that just the last thing you want to hear?!)

The next day, I say, "Hey Wooly..."

He's marching up the stairs and says, "What? WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT???!!!!!"

I ask, "What are you yelling at me for?"

Wooly, "Because you're gonna yell at me again!!"

I ask, "Did you do something that deserves being yelled at?"

Wooly, "No, but you yelled at me yesterday...(turns his back to me, does his winey voice and continues gabbing)

When there's finally a pause I ask, "You want some cheese with that wine??!!"

Wooly: (no comment-rare silence)

Me: "Did you get it?"

Wooly: "smurk, heehee! Gawd! Where do you get these things??!!"

Okay, I never yelled at him.

Oh! and I got myself into Ravelry as Miyamojo. I guess I've got to get a Flicker account to download photos??! Why? Why can't I just download from my computer like Blogger? I don't want another account... no, I don't want any cheese! ;)

Have a great week! I started my Christmas knitting and will share next time. I'm off to do the Thanksgiving feast! :)


Marina said...

You don't have to use Flickr, which I believe is connected to your Yahoo account. If you do, the free one only shows you the last 200 pictures, which is enough for most people unless you're the type who needs 10 pics of the same finished object ;-)

You can up upload your pics from your computer, but I'm not sure how that works.

You can also "slurp" your pics from Picasa, which is where all your Blogger pictures are.

Brigitte said...

Flikr is pretty easy. There are icons you can click on directly from the project page in Ravelry. Uploading photos is easy too - just go to the "You" drop down menu, and choose "Upload photos". Then, when you get to the "edit photos" tab on your Ravelry project page, just go to the bottom of the page, hit "Refresh", and boom! All your uploaded photos in Flikr magically appear! Then you just drag the ones you want to the box, and Bob's your uncle. (If I can do it...Mr. K. can too!).

Nice shawl by the way! You've given me an idea as to what to use with my Noro sock yarn, which feels like twine, and will not be used for socks... How many balls did you use?

carolyn said...

Good, Marina already address the Flickr issue. I was going to recommend that you ask her.
I didn't want another account either, but Flickr is really no hassle.
Free... and enough pictures (100 per month) for me, and once you get the account, you never have to log-in again... it's just always there. Even I can use Flickr and I am technologically handicapped.

Great shawl! (Although that coming from a non-lace knitter might not be a very reliable compliment!)

Lorraine said...

Michele- Nice shawl, lovely and cozy.

Tell Wooly that I tried to burn the house down by setting the electric kettle on the element. We had to repaint the kitchen, and get a new stove.

NEVER leave the stove when it's on. Bad boy!

BadCatDesigns said...

I posted your picture on my blog! I just love it!

Michelle said...

My daughter loves our rice scoop! She calls it spoon and carries it around eating pretend food.

I could have converted a lot of toy money into yarn money if I ever bothered to wear my thinking cap.