Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Plant a Seed

Plant a seed... watch it grow!
My tradition is to plant an amaryllis bulb and watch is grow.
In 2006 I had a total of 9 blooms from 1 bulb! I considered it a reward for making it through an awful 2006. For 2007 I ended up with 5 blooms! I'm happy and 2007 was a good year. We will see what 2008 will bring.

Plant a seed... grow a forest!

Oregon has a forest! I'm enjoying stranding again and found out that I can strand while visiting with friends who 'stop by!' It's also nice to put it down anytime, instead of at the end of a row. Kamati wants you to know he's still here despite everyone wanting to take him home. I wanted him to be 'Rudolph', but he refused to have a red nose.

Plant a seed of kindness and generosity...

I ended up with 6 scarves to give for Christmas. I decided to give them to people at work that I thought were generous and kind throughout the year and told so. It thrills me to see their reactions and see them wearing them. I out did myself with the KSN & beads and have no idea what I will do for 2008. Good behavior deserved rewards. :)

More seeds are waiting to be planted for 2008. It will be fun to see what grows and how many blooms we get! Got your seeds ready? m :)


Anne said...

A very thought provoking post - thank you!

Your co-workers must have been totally definitely did overdo it with the KSN and beads -- and now you have set a precedent.......everyone will be trying to outdo themselves to be nice and helpful to get one of your hand knits in 2008.

Hmmm, you've definitely got something here.

KnitSanity said...

What a wonderful and inspirational post! Now I'm going to go off and think about the seed's I've been planting.

Oregon looks great!

Brigitte said...

Oooo, I'd have loved to receive one of those scarves, they're beautiful!

Wow, you really are moving along on Oregon. I know, every time I pick up my colourwork, I realize how much I miss it. How's Fulmar?

Lorraine said...

Michelle- Amaryllis is one thing I adore, they are so dramatic.

Oregon looks good- I have to get my Fair Isle mojo back.

It's true, we do reap what we sow.

carolyn said...

Oregon is looking great!
I can't believe you knit all those lovely scarves and finished them in time too! I only had to knit one and I dawdled until it was late.