Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Let it Bee

Tuxedo Kitty with green eyes,
How I would love to make you mine!
"Let me be! I'm wild and free!"
Quick! Take a picture of me!" This is Tuxedo Kitty, aka Two Socks, aka Smudge. He's a feral cat that hangs out in our backyard. I worry about him and always look for him. Isn't he cute?

Honey Bee is on the needles.

I should have the first half done tonight. I've heard it said that making this is 'acrobatic.' That's a nice word to use! I find myself holding my breath, especially on the last section (bee & honeycomb). I ask you, how healthy is that? No oxygen to the brain! No wonder I'm feeling irritated while working on it! (Or is it because I'm still not over Unst knocking me down?) I'm making it into a scarf. I need a scarf. It's getting windy and cold outside. Poor Tuxedo Kitty!

What will be, will be...
Fulmar is slowing growing. I'm at 2 repeats = 8.25" or 21cm. I'm 5'2" (short) and planning on having it hip length. It's interesting to see what others in the group are doing! Great help too!

I'm going to start a Fair Isle sweater after the scarf is done. I'm not sure which one, but no more acrobatics for me... or purling... or YO's! I want to be able to see what I creating - instant gratification please!

Be kind to your furry friends... stay warm... and remember to breathe! m :)


Brigitte said...

Ohhhh...poor little kitty! Do you leave food out for him? That would be one way to gain his trust. Awwww...

Your Fulmar looks amazing! The navy really shows off the cables.

So...what FI are you going to knit?!!

Anonymous said...

What's the cat's name going to be.....when it moves in! (Wouldn't be hard.)

I'm sure it will love all your nice warm wool.

Lorraine said...

I love Black and White kitties- they're my favorite.

Your Fulmar is amazing, and I also have that Honeybee Shawl in the queue.

I second Brigitte's question- what Fair Isle are you going to do?

fleegle said...

I love your bee! It hums!

And thanks for the compliment on my Black Widow shawl!

KnitSanity said...

Honeybee is looking lovely. I like your choice of colour. I love cables but would never have the patients to do something like Fulmar. I can't wait to see it finished completed.

carolyn said...

Gorgeous! I am having enough trouble sticking to Fulmar. I can't imagine doing the Honey Bee shawl too. Maybe someday...
It's really lovely and the navy shows up your cable work so nicely!