Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Think Pink

This pink lacy beaded shawl from Vogue Knitting Holiday 2007 is Kamati's new love. I had 2 balls of pink Lacey Lamb and found the beads (8/0 opaque rainbow) and the crochet hook (1mm) at Joann's. It was meant to be made by me! Once the yarn is knitted, it looks shinier. I wish I had 4 balls of every color... that's how much I love this yarn. It's very soft too.
You can see the beads in the photo below... I'm hoping to have it done by 12/15 so I can wear it to my nephew's 1st birthday. I wore Erin when he was born. Maybe for his second birthday I can wear Fulmar! :)
Speaking of Fulmar... I got the back done! YAY! It's 8 repeats of chart E and measures out at 21.5" wide and 23.25" long. YAY! Right where I wanted it! It's nice to be loving both projects! :)


Laritza said...

Way to go on Fulmar!

Lorraine said...

I love beads- I'm using them in a shawl and I want to put them everywhere.

Did I tell you how much Ilove beads?

Brigitte said...

OMG girl! You've been racing along on Fulmar on - it looks fantastic! 8 repeats of E... OK, I'll have to remember that.

Wow, I love that shawl! And it's pink!

Anne said...

You're such a versatile knitter -- lace, fair isle and cables!

Love the pink shawl, and Fulmar is Fabulous!

KnitSanity said...

Oh pretty pink shawl. It's going to look just gorgeous.

Your Fulmar is looking really nice. I borrowed a copy of Aran Knitting from my library just to get a better look at the pattern.

carolyn said...

WOW! Your lace is exquisite! And beads too... how elegant.
I can't believe that you've already finished the back of Fulmar and it's looking great. The cables really show up well on the navy and that's such a versatile color.