Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Alpine Scarf
Victorian Lace Today by Jane Sowerby
Zephyr lace weight - violet - 50% merino & 50% silk
US2 or 3mm Turbo Addis (circular)
60" x 18" finished size
Made for Poohla
This was a full time love-hate relationship. I'm so glad I finished it and that it blocked beautifully! But still can't wait to give it to Poohla and get it out of the house.
Note to self: You do NOT like to P2tog, YO or YO P2tog! It occured on ALL even row for Alpine and I have a bad feeling that it's part of the pattern for most of the non-heirloom knitting lace patterns you have. You need to get over it fast!


Anne said...


Lorraine said...

Lucky Poolah.
My worst lace maneuver is when you have to wrap the yarn around the needle 4 times- not fun.

But your shawl is exquisite.

KnitSanity said...

You did a beautiful job. YOs before and after purl stitches are annoying.

Lorri said...

Just beautiful! I'm sorry that it was so fiddley but the results see worth it. Lovely.

Brigitte said...

Um. WOW. That is one very lucky Poolah. Beautiful!

We saw some amazing lace at the Knitter's Fair yesterday...I'm content to gaze.