Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Trinity - hurts my hand

What do you think of when you hear ' Trinity?'

Holy Trinity - Father, Son & Holy Ghost?
Celtic Trinity - Earth, Water & Air?
Cooking Trinity - Onion, Celery & Bell Pepper?
Trinity Stitch - aka: Blackberry Stitch?

I'm talking about the Stitch. Making 3 out of 1 stitch and purling 3tog is hurting my hand. Egan's center panel is solid Trinity. I figured out how to lessen the pain. I use my crochet hook to make the 3rd knit stitch for the M3, and slip 1, P2tog, psso for the P3tog! Yay! :)

Wooly inspecting: "Moss.. Cable.. Crab.. *sniffs yarn*.. Cable.. Trinity.. *sniff* Yo! Is this the front or the back? Right! It doesn't matter?! The back?! Right! *snifffff* " I like the Crab Stitch. I thought those cables flanking it we're ugly/boring, but I see how it helps the design element. I love the yarn. Those flecks are navy. The knitting pops!
Kamati inspecting: "Looks like a salt-lick wall! *sniff* Is this what a sheep smells like? I'm glad I'm not a sheep! *lick* Definitely, not a salt-lick! Okay! I'm not licking!"
I decreased for the set in sleeve. It's fun using US7 and Aran yarn! Lots of gratification and feeling like I'm making progress! I forgot how fun this is!

Next time we will talk about 'blue blob' and how I'm feeling about that.
Happy Knitting!


Anne said...

Oh, so that's what Trinity stitch is - I'm doing that in the middle of a cable right now -- make three out of one, then on the new row purl 3 together!

Looks good Michelle!

Lorraine said...

I like Trinity Stitch, but it can be hard on the hands.

We do suffer for our art, don't we?

Brigitte said...

Wow Michelle, you're making really quick work out of this! It looks fabulous. Trinity stitch...it is a tough one, but the effect is so worth it. I've only ever done it with fingering weight, but I can imagine on a 4mm with Aran weight would be pretty tough.