Friday, September 21, 2007

Blue Blob Blunder

Kamati is showing you his tail, because this is the end of Unst.

Remember how many obstacles I faced throughout this project? and how I overcame them all and continued on? If I only stopped and asked myself, "WHY?!" I would have figured out that I bought lace weight instead of cobweb, therefore WHY I was having tension problems and ultimately ran out of yarn! I realized I was using lace weight after I completed the first edge corner and felt sick! I kept thinking I didn't have enough yarn and noticed there was no more for sale! Then I read 'lace weight' and thought, "WHAT? NO WAY!"

I kept going and told Wooly who was more upset than me until I used the term "horse blanket" because I held it up and it's huge. He laughed so hard he had a "flip back head", you know, like a PEZ! I wish I had taken a picture! Then I told my friend Tracy at work, who also laughed then said, "Hello! You're too big friend the horse is here! Give it to ME! Okay, then you have to show it to me!" She thinks it's really cool, but I'm not giving it to her since it's not perfect or finished.

I learned that weight matters. What bothers me the most is that I didn't listen to all the signs the universe was throwing at me! Usually, I'm very aware of feelings and signs. I think I was caught up in knitting something heirloom, therefore, very cool in my mind. I spent 8 weeks on this lesson, which was well learned!

There's no crying... lots of self loathing! but, no crying! I'll make a perfect one someday in cobweb! Now it's a challenge! Can I get those 8 weeks back?! ;)

Check the weight! Knit a swatch! Check your gauge! Knit on! :)


Brigitte said...

Oh no!!! But, I know and feel your pain. I once made almost an entire sweater, only to run out of yarn at the beginning of the second sleeve. Why? Oh, because I was using the wrong needle size. I messed up the metric vs. US sizes.

Lorraine said...

So what you're saying is you had the right yardage but the wrong tension.
I hope you can get ahold of some more- that would be a shame not to finish it.

Lorri said...

I am impressed by how quickly you are finishing this project. My stole is also huge but you can sling it over your shoulder and I kind of like that look. Maybe it will be okay.

Glad to see you will be doing Fulmar. I am sure that you will finish yours before I do and put me to shame though.

fleegle said...

I am so sorry. Can you just remove the edging and find something similar to finish it with? It's beautiful and a real shame to waste the center.