Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Unst Border #1

Yes, I'm back to reality, knitting away!

I present my Unst Border #1 (side view)

Here's a close up of the first half...

Here's the second half...
Now I have to CUT the cast on waste stitches and pick up 185 stitches...
so I can knit the 2nd border... not that I didn't enjoy making the first border... but, CUT??!
The only cutting I do is for steeks - and that was scary the first time! Bad things can happen!
Yes, I'm doing my version of avoidance... I think I need to... shop! ;)

Bye Gail B!

My knitting and quilting mentor Gail B retired, sold her house and moved to Pittsburg, PA.
We worked together for the last 10 years. She started the 'Knitting at Noon' gang every Friday, which was a joy. She gave me the best gift that keeps on giving - knitting and quilting!
I know you will miss Little Knits - but at least you can still shop there online. :)
Now you need to start blogging, so everyone can see what you're knitting!

Here's my 'proof of life' photo:
Me at my desk holding Alpine. I decided I need to work on Alpine during lunch, or she will never get done by Christmas.
Gail - you can image the stealth it took to get this photo taken without comments/questions from the peanut gallery! Thanks to Mike T for taking this photo, nobody knew it happened! ;)
Yes, I've got my website on my screen! See Gail! It's really me! Now start blogging!

Okay, enough fun! I'm off to start cutting... wait, what about the shopping?! :)

Happy Knitting everyone! Knit on!


fleegle said...

First of all, look at your magnficent Unst! You get two of those pink buttons for that.

Second, if you used my provisional cast-on method, you not only wouldn't have to cut anything, you wouldn't have to pick up any stitches, either :) Search my blog for "Provisional" and be a happy camper!

Anonymous said...

Unst is gorgeous!

I hadn't thought of the round motifs and what parts they would land on.....can't wait to cut this open and find out LOL!

fleegle said...

I love coming back to your site for another view of the Unst.

That Mother of Pearl is fabulous, but it's too heavy for this shawl. I will use the light green Art Yarns mohair and make a Wings of the Luna Moth shawl.

I gather you are Japanese :) I love the Japanese way of expressing oneself, but sometimes, I just want to use honne instead.

Brigitte said...

Oh, lace just makes me nervous! I'd so rather watch someone else! I think steeks would be easier than picking up 185 provisional stitches.

Hee, I go through the same thing when I have to ask someone at work to snap a picture.

Lorraine said...

Cut first- shop later!

You are an amazing lace knitter- that's a real work of art.

missalicefaye said...

Your Unst is lovely--great color, too! :)

KnitSanity said...

Your Unst is looking wonderful. You're lucky that you could knit at work.

LittleBerry said...

thank you for visiting my blog... I now get to ogle your lovely Unst stole. It's a lovely colour of blue and it's progressing quickly

fleegle said...

I am so glad you made amother comment about the circular beginning, so I can gze upon your Unst one more time. It's meltingly beauatiful!