Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hold On

Wooly's Birthday was last Friday 1/30.

Still full of hot air!

He wants everyone to know that he's NOT happy about being another year older & fighting it all the way.

In Knitting News

I'm working on Windsor Waistcoat. I'm at the point where you cast on steeks for the armholes.

Yes, I left off the bottom chart to make it shorter. I love the colors.

I'm still not sure it's my color, but keeping an open mind.

I'm also working on Selbu Modern, thanks to my friend Monika (Halfmaennchen) who made hers in Jamieson's Light Blue (cloud) & Black. I love hers, but don't want to copy.

Kamati is modeling it in Kauni EL (navy) & EG (pinkish purple). I'm not loving it. I ripped it out.

I'm going to use Jamieson's Navy & Spice. Left overs from my Ransom vest. You can see it on the Ransom inspired Capillifolium hat. Funny how different the colors look from the vest. Something about spacing or putting the colors in different orders.

I don't think I could ever design fair isle. Too many color options & it always looks different knitted up.

Meanwhile in Mr K's world...

"Hold on Elmo! We're going to turn!"

"Okay Mr K! I'm holding on! lalaladeedahhhdah"

"OH NOooo!"

My Brother sent me these photos.

I told him I sure hope Mr K's brother gets to sit in front.

He said he's not sure he wants his son riding with Mr K, unless he learns how to corner.

Wait. Aren't they BOTH your sons?! LOL!

Yes, they're both his.

He got a 'hybrid car with sliding doors' last week.

Wooly said, "What? You mean a Minivan?!! Michele! Did you hear that?! He got a Minivan!" as he did his Pez flip back head laugh.

Me, "What?! Brother! YOU got a Minivan?! HAH!"

Brother, "Yes... Minivan... I want a Sportscar!"

Wooly, "Well son, you're gonna have to wait a long time before you get a sportscar... Michele, lets go buy your Mustang now... c'mon!" ;)

Poor Brother, he's a real family man now. Lots of responsibility. His self image is going to change whether he wants it to or not. :)

The little one is due this Friday 2/6! A week after Wooly! I've got my camera ready!

Hopefully, next week I'll have baby photos. I've got to get one with him wearing the hat!

Until then, Happy Knitting :)


halfmaennchen said...

I just love when it comes to "Meanwhile in Mr. K's world" in your blog. It makes my day. This little boy is so wonderful! He reminds me of my godson (3 and a half years old). But he lives far away and I only see him twice a year.
Oh, hopefully you found your colour combination for the Selbu Modern hat now. I'm very curious about your version!
Happy belated birthday to Wooly, the great bagpiper!
Take care,

knititch said...

interesting with the new little niece and nephew. my brother is counting down for his little son or daughter too. maybe we will be aunts at the same time.

bev said...

I can't believe you got a post in that I missed. This one had me laughing so hard the both Hijo Segundo and Boyfriend came in to see. Mr. K's world is the greatest! Your captions are so believable. And the way you describe Wooly's laugh "pez head" made it a great verbal picture!!!!!
Wonderful post. Now I have to add that hat to my can stop any time now.

Lorraine said...

Michele- All guys are Pez heads- no disrespect to Wooly, of course.

Being an Aunt is the greatest- you can hand them back when they start to cry or need changing.

Sonya said...

At least Mr. K didn't drive off without even noticing that Elmo took a tumble. Windsor Waistcoat is looking lovely!

Anne said...

Birthdays and taxes -- they come around ever year no matter what you do -- so you just have to enjoy when someone new comes into the world....can't wait for new baby photos!

Brigitte said...

Oh! Exciting! Any baby yet?!!

I love Windsor Waistcoat, and I do think the colours will suit you well. As for modelling it on Kamati...mmm, I don't think he can pull off an amber colour. Or Smoothie for that matter! LOL!

Happy (late) Birthday Wooly!