Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Feeling Pink

I'm not sure about this beret...
Am I suppose to wear it like this?
Is it too small?
Or is my head & hair too big?
I need some sunshine!
Jamieson's Navy & Spice
2.75mm & 3.25mm

Pink Valentine's Day

Wooly came through with these pink tulips! I love them, they're my favorite color for tulips!

I really didn't want to get dressed up, so I was glad when Wooly said, "How about Mc Donald's?!"

We're such a cheap date...
I had the Chicken Sandwich and Chocolate Sundae & Wooly had two Double Cheeseburgers from the Dollar Menu.

We ate it at home. :)

Knitting Pink

BadCat is doing another KAL. This time it's an American Beauty Rose theme.
She's using Silver lined gold AB beads. I asked what the beads represent...pollen?... why did you choose that color? She said they aren't pollen, she chose that color to make it pretty... like morning dew.

This is my third KAL with her. I've learned that it's important to do what she says! I bought the same beads, but went stash diving & found this Zephyr - wool & silk - in Cassis. So, mine will be a pink rose. I hope you can see the beads. True American Beauty rose is a dark pink, almost red, like what she's using.

I always learn something from her, like this one has a fancy dpn start & you're knitting the edging along the way.

I was going through lace withdrawal, so I'm glad she started this.
You're right, it's not like I don't have any lace in my queue! HAH! :D

Meanwhile in Mr C & Mr K's world...

"Where's my brother? Where's my bonnet?" Day 5

"Everyone in the pool"

Okay, it's not a pool. My Mom uses that to dry her hand wash clothes.

If I were there, I would find all the animals & throw them in the pool with Mr K & Kermit!

Which would result in Mr K screaming & giggling with delight, while throwing all the animals out of the pool! Then Mom would scold me. :)

Speaking of animals...

Wooly was in the kitchen on the phone when he suddenly yells, "HEY Michele! QUICK! There's a coyote in the backyard!"

I dropped my knitting & ran to the back door & saw him leaving.

He was a real good looking one, with a spring to his step.

We haven't seen any coyotes in our yard before... raccoons & cats, but no coyotes!

The next morning, we were drinking coffee & Wooly says, "Do you hear that? They're back! Birds singing!"

I guess Spring is coming! Hooray!

Now that I said that, it'll snow! LOL!

Until Next week... Happy Knitting! :)


Marina said...

Thanks for all the eye candy! Pink has suddenly become my favourite colour.

Mr. C is a cutie, but then so is his brother. I think the beret might fit Mr. K better, but don't listen to me since I don't know how to use them ;-)

carolyn said...

I can't give advice about beret fit either. I bought a "ready-made" one once, based on a picture of the model wearing it, and I decided that I look really stupid in it. Or maybe, I just don't know how to put it on right????
Anyway, yours turned out beautiful, and all your photos matched on your post... everything looked so artistic, and so PINK!

Lorraine said...

Michele- I am more a pink person when it comes to flowers- not so much red.

I think the beret is lovely.

Does Mr. K share his toys with you?

Sonya said...

What a beautiful hat! And lovely pink tulips too. Does that mean spring is coming? I hope. We occasionally see a coyote and it's always amazing.

Brigitte said...

Spring? What is this "spring" of which you speak? (Oh right, you live on the west coast!)

How are Mr's K and C (haha, and their Sunshine Band!) getting along these days? Mr. C really looks alot like his big brother.

Pink pink pink! Can't go wrong with that!