Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hey Baby!

He's here! Baby Corey!

I went to visit him on his second day on this earth.

My Mom jumped up & down and gave me a hug...
because I wrapped his bonnet.

"ME open, me open!"

"Yeah, okay Mr K, you can open it."

"Oh! Is this THE hat on your blog?!"

"Nice job Auntie Michele!"

"ohhhh! It fits perfectly! Ear flaps!!!"
*squealing & snickering*

"Mr K, this is your brother Corey... he'll always be your younger brother."

"Silly Grandma! I don't have a brother!
Wait. That hat was for him?! Get away!
Dad's holding ME! Go away NOW!"

"Okay, take my picture with my two grandsons."

"Why. I'm your grandson. Why is he touching me. Get away!
Auntie Michele, STOP putting that camera in my face!"

My Mom says she thought she would never be a Grandma. Then, Mr K came, and that was a miracle. Now, Corey is here too!

I'm just absolutely smitten!

What was funny was when SIL saw the bonnet on Corey, she said,
"OH! He looks like he's wearing a helmet!"

I immediately did my flip back PEZ head laugh!
All I could think of was 'helmet head!'

Good thing SIL's dad (the priest/pastor) wasn't there!

When I got home, Wooly looked at the photos and said, "I wonder if Corey is going to be the piper?! Does he have long fingers?"

Who knows.

Mr K was wide awake & a total flirt from the start.

Corey is very laid back. Never opened his eyes or cried or fussed. The first day, he opened one eye, looked around, then shut his eye.

I told my Mom that I feel very content & happy, now that I saw Corey. Those endorphins really kicked in. Now, if I can only maintain that feeling... you know, like after you had a good workout.

On Sunday, Wooly said, "I see you smiling over there!"
I couldn't wipe the smile off my face.

Monday morning I woke up to snow. I ran downstairs & turned on the television & found out that the bridge to work was shut down too. The bus was re-routed & I made it to work. I was wondering why everyone was so pissed off & unreasonable. Then, found out it was a full moon.

Today is Tuesday... still smiling! Even though it snowed some more last night. Even ripping back 6 rows on Windsor Waistcoat because I was 'making up' my own pattern - didn't phase me.

Amazing what a baby can do for your attitude.

Especially, when you're the Auntie!

Happy Valentine's day on Saturday to everyone!

I don't wait for anything from Wooly, I just buy my own treats... If he comes through with something... it's a bonus! :)

Knitting photos next week. :)


knititch said...

oh your posts are always so whimsical and vivacious. love reading them.

i love the little bonnet too. what a good way to start life with a starmore.

and i wonder if my wee nephew or niece will look a little like your's.

he will probably make a cute piper.

bev said...

Ahh, a baby! Mr. K and his sidekick Corey are going to be hell on wheels when you are around. Hope Mr. K gets warm to the idea of having a brother around. So cute. And you do look happy! How is Mom?

Anne said...

Congratulations on being a double Auntie! Corey and Mr. K -- quite a twosome!

The baby bonnet looks fabulous!

Sonya said...

He's so cute! And his bonnet is perfect. Have you filled Mr. K in on his brotherly duties? Protecting his little brother, etc. ;o)

carolyn said...

What a cutie!
He looks especially adorable in the bonnet you knit for him!

Brigitte said...

Aw, hi Corey! I'm going to beep your nose ~ *beep*!

Yup, it does sound like Mr. K was doing a Gandalf around his brother. Aw, soon they'll be best friends, and as Bev said - hell on wheels.

Congratulations to you all!

Lorraine said...

Michele- I'm SO happy for you and your family- what a blessing.

Yes, you have to beep his nose!