Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Windsor Wonderland

Princess Michele of Miyamojo,
with her prize winning Gemsbok, Sir Kamati Swifthead

Photo taken by Prince Wooly Bagpiper

Windsor Waistcoat by Lorraine Condotta
Jamieson kit from She Ewe Knits
3mm & 3.25mm needles
size s

You're right! I can wear amber. :)

The only change I made was I didn't increase after the rib. I just continued on with 288 stitches. My Ransom vest had 280 stitches, and fit perfectly.

And I didn't do the back & forth knitting, just continued steeking on top.

The great thing about vests is... no sleeves! (quick knit) And that it shows off the fair isle pattern (because there's no button band.) And perfect for our mild weather.

I love this vest! It looks great with my camel coat & my dark brown coat.
All dressed up & nowhere to go! :D

Back to the Beret

What a difference a good block makes! It's now adult size!

It covers my ears and doesn't feel like it's going to pop off.

Thanks to Halfmaennchen/Monika, who took a photo wearing hers & posted it in Ravelry for me. (I still like hers better!)

Wooly told me I shouldn't post/Ravel my failures...

I told him, "This is real life knitting dude! Not everything turns out perfect every time! Besides, others can learn from my mistakes..."

So, if the pattern says to block it over a plate... let the beret totally dry over the plate before you pull it off! Trust the pattern!

American Beauty

We got Chart B which included a rose pattern. Smoothie is pointing at it with his nose.

"Smoothie! Scat! You're ruining my shot!"

"but.. butt.. Kamati, Mom said to point at the rose!"

"That's 'Sir Kamati' to you... you smurf... I mean surf!.. serf?! you 'not of the royal class bunny'!! I don't want nose juice on my rose cape! Scat! MOM!"

"Okay, BOTH of you need to hold still & stop fighting, or I'll send you both to the dungeon!"

It's not easy being the Princess of Miyamojo.

You don't want to miss out on The Ball & turn into a pumpkin, so get your Twisted Traditions patterns today! Before you have to pay outrageous prices because they're out of print. (You KNOW what I'm talking about!! and YES I'm bitter about it!! Especially now that I'm in Ravelry & able to see what I'm missing!! YARN & BOOKS!!)


Until next week... may all your dreams come true. :)


Lucette said...

Just read your (almost) entire blog. Lots of fun. and I love the fairisle vest.

Marina said...

♥♥♥♥♥ Windsor looks great, and so does the beret. Definitely more your size!

carolyn said...

The blocking did help. I know I still can't wear berets... but the Ardvey hat is like a modified beret and that looks good on me?
I post my mistakes on Ravelry so people are forwarned... about non-matching shoulders, etc. You can tell Wooly, "All knitters make mistakes, whether they discuss them or not, so you might as well let people know in advance what might happen..."
Windsor looks wonderful... I can hardly wait to finish some of my WIPs so I can start it!

halfmaennchen said...

Well done! The Windsor Waistcoat is looking great. Congrats on a wonderful finished object! And yes, you are able to wear amber. I'm not able to wear any of the brown colours and will look some kind of ill with these colours.
This is one reason for me in using Ravelry: not repeating the mistakes others made. It is all a big learning experience and I'm learning very fast since I am a "Raveler". I've as well learned that I should buy books and yarns "in time" when I'm interested, to avoid paying those extremely high prices (esp. on books from the designer with the star in her name...)

Have a wonderful week and don't forget to feed Sir Kamati Swifthead ;-)

Brigitte said...

Ah, Princess Michele, your WW is stunning on you! I guess I should get cracking on mine. (It's back and forth knitting after the armholes?? Um. I'm steeking too. WTF?!)

Um. Why is Smoothie sniffing Kamati's...behind? They've been hangin' around Gandalf and Atticus too long...

Anne said...

Ah, quite the Royal household you have there! Remember, you have to be the alpha Royal to maintain control!!!!

Love the vest, the lace, and the beret (or tam)......try turning the ribbing up under the body of the hat, and wear it lower over your forehead at a jaunty angle....I'll send you a photo to show you what I mean.....

bev said...

You are the knitting demon! I worship you, oh Princess Miyamojo! Can't fathom how fast your needles must fly. I need to get off the computer now and try to catch up. I am not worthy!

Lorraine said...

Michele- You can wear the amber because all the colors have the same bright value, and it doesn't overpower you. You have strong coloring- you look mahhhhhhhvalous!

The original was made for DH- but it looked stunning on Anne.

Off to check out that shawl pattern.

Knitting Granny said...

Can' remember how I found you, but just wanted to say how stunning the vest is - beautiful fit, lovely colors (you look fantastic). And, I have to agree with other commenters...your needles must FLY! Love your blog.

bev said...

I tagged you for a meme. Please play.

Sonya said...

Isn't blocking miraculous? I never cease to be amazed. I love your WW more every time I see it!

Rebecca said...

The Windsor Waistcoat looks fabulous! The colors look great on you and the fit is good. All dressed up? No place to go? I need to talk to that Prince of yours!