Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Baby Bonnet Bonkers

So, you know my nephew Mr K is going to be a big brother in 3 weeks...

And you know how I can get obsessive about things...

Along comes Anne & Harry Bear with Capillifolium...

The rest is bonkers!

Pre-blocking. Modeling by Kamati & Smoothie

"It's Baby Bonnet! NOT Bunny Bonnet! MOM!"
"I fail to see the humor. I like my horns!"

Blocking shot. I used 15" violet pots

"YAY! Now it won't fit us anymore!"

Whoops! Now there's three. Funny how that happens.
Capillifolium Baby Bonnet - Alice Starmore
Jamieson's Spindrift from stash
3.25 dpns
For Mr K's brother & newborns yet to arrive

Top for Mr K's brother - Royal, Clyde, Pacific, Fjord, Madder, Crimson, Mustard, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Umber (Anne's - with subs since I have limited stash)

Bottom Left, in case it's a girl - Navy, Atlantic, Clyde, Sunglow, Coral, Spice
(Ransom left overs, minus Jade)

Bottom Right, more serious - Pine, Admiral, Poppy, Madder, Purple Heather
(Rosarie colors)

It's NOT me!

We went to my parent's house for dinner. Brother & Mr K were there.
I immediately see Paddington Bear & show Wooly who says, "Yes, he's wearing a Duffle Coat..." Not very impressed. Mr K & I start playing... he's a boy... he starts running around the house giggling.

Mom yells out, "Michele! Don't get him all worked up now!"
Me, "I'm not!"

Mr K continues running, like any normal 2 year old would.

Mom, "Michele!"

Me, "What? IT's NOT ME!"

I lie on the floor & play dead. Mr K runs by & looks at me while still giggling. Reaallly not my fault! Though, Mom always said it was a good thing I don't show up while she's baby sitting... it would be madness! I don't know what she's talking about! ;)

I asked Mr K, "Who's going to be in the photo with us?"
He brings the dog & Paddington.

Brother says, "Okay! For the BLOG!" and starts snapping photos.

Lilliputs Unite!

My favorite photo ever! :)

BTW - Mr K turned two in December. He's now a whopping 21 pounds.
So, how much does your cat weigh? If your cat were a little boy... he would be the same size as Mr K! :D

Wooly just asked me if I'm making another bonnet...

NO! But I want to!

Sigh, I'm off to get a life!
Happy Knitting!


Marina said...

Time to hide the magazine ;-) But, they're lovely! How about one in an adult size for you?

knititch said...

they are adorable and more than that. i got the magazine in the post yesterday, and hope to knit it sometime soon. i will have to knit for my new niece or nephew too. and baby shawl and a bonnet maybe.

Anne said...

Oh, I thought about the Burnt Umber -- I might have to make another with the Burnt Umber in there!

and I LOZVE the other two!

I'm going to be doing a class at my LYS wih this hat -- and I was going to do them all in the same shades....but I think you've just given me an idea -- little balls of all of the shades in my leftover stash.

carolyn said...

Really adorable, cute, and colorful!!'I love them!

I'm glad this pattern wasn't available in time to fit my grandchildren. I would have knit 2, then watched them be shrunk to the size of a coffee cup after they were popped into the washer and the drier!

They are all so gorgeous!

Laritza said...

The bonnets are so cute!

bev said...

those bonnets are beautiful! and you must knit like a mad woman!!! Your nephew is so handsome. Bet he loves his crazy aunt. LOL

Brigitte said...

Wow, you've been busy! No, you're not obsessed. Not really. At all. You know, you have to watch Smoothie and Kamati - they don't look impressed at having to model like that.

Mr. K. cracks me up. He's going to be a cool big brother. :D

Sonya said...

They're beautiful! Obsessed? No way.

Lorraine said...

Michele- They are gorgeous! I'd be keeping them for myself.

Mr. K will need to have alot of attention when the baby comes along.
I'm sure you can see to that.

Allison said...

Hi Michele,

I am the editorial assistant for PieceWork magazine and we are interested in including an image of your terrific Capillifolium Baby Bonnets in the By Post: From Our Readers' Hands (letters to the editor) section of the magazine. Please email me at for more details! Thanks so much.

All best,
Allison Mackin
Editorial Assistant, PieceWork
201 E. Fourth St.
Loveland, CO 80537

Melissa said...

Wow, love the hats, you have a great eye for color!