Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Windsor Wonderland

Princess Michele of Miyamojo,
with her prize winning Gemsbok, Sir Kamati Swifthead

Photo taken by Prince Wooly Bagpiper

Windsor Waistcoat by Lorraine Condotta
Jamieson kit from She Ewe Knits
3mm & 3.25mm needles
size s

You're right! I can wear amber. :)

The only change I made was I didn't increase after the rib. I just continued on with 288 stitches. My Ransom vest had 280 stitches, and fit perfectly.

And I didn't do the back & forth knitting, just continued steeking on top.

The great thing about vests is... no sleeves! (quick knit) And that it shows off the fair isle pattern (because there's no button band.) And perfect for our mild weather.

I love this vest! It looks great with my camel coat & my dark brown coat.
All dressed up & nowhere to go! :D

Back to the Beret

What a difference a good block makes! It's now adult size!

It covers my ears and doesn't feel like it's going to pop off.

Thanks to Halfmaennchen/Monika, who took a photo wearing hers & posted it in Ravelry for me. (I still like hers better!)

Wooly told me I shouldn't post/Ravel my failures...

I told him, "This is real life knitting dude! Not everything turns out perfect every time! Besides, others can learn from my mistakes..."

So, if the pattern says to block it over a plate... let the beret totally dry over the plate before you pull it off! Trust the pattern!

American Beauty

We got Chart B which included a rose pattern. Smoothie is pointing at it with his nose.

"Smoothie! Scat! You're ruining my shot!"

"but.. butt.. Kamati, Mom said to point at the rose!"

"That's 'Sir Kamati' to you... you smurf... I mean surf!.. serf?! you 'not of the royal class bunny'!! I don't want nose juice on my rose cape! Scat! MOM!"

"Okay, BOTH of you need to hold still & stop fighting, or I'll send you both to the dungeon!"

It's not easy being the Princess of Miyamojo.

You don't want to miss out on The Ball & turn into a pumpkin, so get your Twisted Traditions patterns today! Before you have to pay outrageous prices because they're out of print. (You KNOW what I'm talking about!! and YES I'm bitter about it!! Especially now that I'm in Ravelry & able to see what I'm missing!! YARN & BOOKS!!)


Until next week... may all your dreams come true. :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Feeling Pink

I'm not sure about this beret...
Am I suppose to wear it like this?
Is it too small?
Or is my head & hair too big?
I need some sunshine!
Jamieson's Navy & Spice
2.75mm & 3.25mm

Pink Valentine's Day

Wooly came through with these pink tulips! I love them, they're my favorite color for tulips!

I really didn't want to get dressed up, so I was glad when Wooly said, "How about Mc Donald's?!"

We're such a cheap date...
I had the Chicken Sandwich and Chocolate Sundae & Wooly had two Double Cheeseburgers from the Dollar Menu.

We ate it at home. :)

Knitting Pink

BadCat is doing another KAL. This time it's an American Beauty Rose theme.
She's using Silver lined gold AB beads. I asked what the beads represent...pollen?... why did you choose that color? She said they aren't pollen, she chose that color to make it pretty... like morning dew.

This is my third KAL with her. I've learned that it's important to do what she says! I bought the same beads, but went stash diving & found this Zephyr - wool & silk - in Cassis. So, mine will be a pink rose. I hope you can see the beads. True American Beauty rose is a dark pink, almost red, like what she's using.

I always learn something from her, like this one has a fancy dpn start & you're knitting the edging along the way.

I was going through lace withdrawal, so I'm glad she started this.
You're right, it's not like I don't have any lace in my queue! HAH! :D

Meanwhile in Mr C & Mr K's world...

"Where's my brother? Where's my bonnet?" Day 5

"Everyone in the pool"

Okay, it's not a pool. My Mom uses that to dry her hand wash clothes.

If I were there, I would find all the animals & throw them in the pool with Mr K & Kermit!

Which would result in Mr K screaming & giggling with delight, while throwing all the animals out of the pool! Then Mom would scold me. :)

Speaking of animals...

Wooly was in the kitchen on the phone when he suddenly yells, "HEY Michele! QUICK! There's a coyote in the backyard!"

I dropped my knitting & ran to the back door & saw him leaving.

He was a real good looking one, with a spring to his step.

We haven't seen any coyotes in our yard before... raccoons & cats, but no coyotes!

The next morning, we were drinking coffee & Wooly says, "Do you hear that? They're back! Birds singing!"

I guess Spring is coming! Hooray!

Now that I said that, it'll snow! LOL!

Until Next week... Happy Knitting! :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hey Baby!

He's here! Baby Corey!

I went to visit him on his second day on this earth.

My Mom jumped up & down and gave me a hug...
because I wrapped his bonnet.

"ME open, me open!"

"Yeah, okay Mr K, you can open it."

"Oh! Is this THE hat on your blog?!"

"Nice job Auntie Michele!"

"ohhhh! It fits perfectly! Ear flaps!!!"
*squealing & snickering*

"Mr K, this is your brother Corey... he'll always be your younger brother."

"Silly Grandma! I don't have a brother!
Wait. That hat was for him?! Get away!
Dad's holding ME! Go away NOW!"

"Okay, take my picture with my two grandsons."

"Why. I'm your grandson. Why is he touching me. Get away!
Auntie Michele, STOP putting that camera in my face!"

My Mom says she thought she would never be a Grandma. Then, Mr K came, and that was a miracle. Now, Corey is here too!

I'm just absolutely smitten!

What was funny was when SIL saw the bonnet on Corey, she said,
"OH! He looks like he's wearing a helmet!"

I immediately did my flip back PEZ head laugh!
All I could think of was 'helmet head!'

Good thing SIL's dad (the priest/pastor) wasn't there!

When I got home, Wooly looked at the photos and said, "I wonder if Corey is going to be the piper?! Does he have long fingers?"

Who knows.

Mr K was wide awake & a total flirt from the start.

Corey is very laid back. Never opened his eyes or cried or fussed. The first day, he opened one eye, looked around, then shut his eye.

I told my Mom that I feel very content & happy, now that I saw Corey. Those endorphins really kicked in. Now, if I can only maintain that feeling... you know, like after you had a good workout.

On Sunday, Wooly said, "I see you smiling over there!"
I couldn't wipe the smile off my face.

Monday morning I woke up to snow. I ran downstairs & turned on the television & found out that the bridge to work was shut down too. The bus was re-routed & I made it to work. I was wondering why everyone was so pissed off & unreasonable. Then, found out it was a full moon.

Today is Tuesday... still smiling! Even though it snowed some more last night. Even ripping back 6 rows on Windsor Waistcoat because I was 'making up' my own pattern - didn't phase me.

Amazing what a baby can do for your attitude.

Especially, when you're the Auntie!

Happy Valentine's day on Saturday to everyone!

I don't wait for anything from Wooly, I just buy my own treats... If he comes through with something... it's a bonus! :)

Knitting photos next week. :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hold On

Wooly's Birthday was last Friday 1/30.

Still full of hot air!

He wants everyone to know that he's NOT happy about being another year older & fighting it all the way.

In Knitting News

I'm working on Windsor Waistcoat. I'm at the point where you cast on steeks for the armholes.

Yes, I left off the bottom chart to make it shorter. I love the colors.

I'm still not sure it's my color, but keeping an open mind.

I'm also working on Selbu Modern, thanks to my friend Monika (Halfmaennchen) who made hers in Jamieson's Light Blue (cloud) & Black. I love hers, but don't want to copy.

Kamati is modeling it in Kauni EL (navy) & EG (pinkish purple). I'm not loving it. I ripped it out.

I'm going to use Jamieson's Navy & Spice. Left overs from my Ransom vest. You can see it on the Ransom inspired Capillifolium hat. Funny how different the colors look from the vest. Something about spacing or putting the colors in different orders.

I don't think I could ever design fair isle. Too many color options & it always looks different knitted up.

Meanwhile in Mr K's world...

"Hold on Elmo! We're going to turn!"

"Okay Mr K! I'm holding on! lalaladeedahhhdah"

"OH NOooo!"

My Brother sent me these photos.

I told him I sure hope Mr K's brother gets to sit in front.

He said he's not sure he wants his son riding with Mr K, unless he learns how to corner.

Wait. Aren't they BOTH your sons?! LOL!

Yes, they're both his.

He got a 'hybrid car with sliding doors' last week.

Wooly said, "What? You mean a Minivan?!! Michele! Did you hear that?! He got a Minivan!" as he did his Pez flip back head laugh.

Me, "What?! Brother! YOU got a Minivan?! HAH!"

Brother, "Yes... Minivan... I want a Sportscar!"

Wooly, "Well son, you're gonna have to wait a long time before you get a sportscar... Michele, lets go buy your Mustang now... c'mon!" ;)

Poor Brother, he's a real family man now. Lots of responsibility. His self image is going to change whether he wants it to or not. :)

The little one is due this Friday 2/6! A week after Wooly! I've got my camera ready!

Hopefully, next week I'll have baby photos. I've got to get one with him wearing the hat!

Until then, Happy Knitting :)