Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Pink Sweater

Surprisingly satisfying...
Enjoy. This is as feminine as I get!

Geno by Marie Wallin
Rowan 43
Rowan 4 ply soft (merino) in #395 (fairy)
2.75 + 3mm needles

The whole time I was making this, Wooly kept asking if I was making it for a child. Okay, so I don't wear fitted shirts or pink... tomboy that I am. He asked if I knew what kind of buttons I needed. I said, "yes, half inch, flat, round, little bit pearly..." He says, "Oh, you mean Mother of Toilet Seat? (pearl)" LOL! It's never a dull moment living with him! :)

I wore my pink sweater to work on Monday... My co-workers immediately say, "Oh! Nice pink sweater Michele!" (Remember, I don't wear pink.) I say, "Thanks! I made it!" Their responses ranged from disbelief to, 'of course you did.' Then they asked what the name was for that color pink. I said, "Fairy." They bust out laughing and call me a Fairy Princess. Heh. Okay, so my nickname at work is 'Princess' because they think Wooly spoils me. In reality, he's just well trained. ;) Seriously! I was getting a complex about it and called my Brother, who confirmed I'm NOT a princess... farthest from it... they don't know you at all! Whew! So now I play it up with them and say, "Do I need to put on my tiara?!" when I don't get my way. I have one... and I DO put it on... :)

Speaking of Princess...

I'm being very quiet about this because there are extremely fabulous knitters out there making this and I'm NOT one of them. Many start... few finish... I want to finish... don't hold your breath!

The edging

I'm following Laritza, who came up with a plan to make 72 edge points and pick up 12 stitches per point and one in the middle to get 865 stitches. You know what they say about knowing who to follow... I'm in good hands! I got the break pattern done (holes on top) and am ready to start Chart 1... but I need to psych myself up for that. I'm using Gossamer Merino one of the recommended yarns from Heirloom Knitting. This is one of those 'Before I die..' projects. It took me almost a year to get the edging done! Yikes! ;)

It's Fall... you know what that means...

Last harvest of beans.

Grandma said they picked all the beans. She showed Mr K how to pull out the bean plants since they were 'done' for the year. Mr K had so much fun, he wanted to pull ALL the plants out! He's an 'All or Nothing' kind of guy. :)

School time.

Grandma says he knows all his letters. He's teaching her now. He's a genius in our eyes. ;)

Hey! GrandmaGrandmaGrandma... SWING!

Look at our little pitcher... perfect fastball form with that right foot forward. Grandma DID hit the ball. I told my Brother this photo is priceless, because I'm pretty sure Grandpa was watching a baseball game on the tv. My Brother is pretty thrilled with his new bottom of the line SLR camera.

Hope all is well in your world... Happy Knitting!


Laritza said...

Oh dear girl! Thank you so much! Mine is at 6.4 pattern repeats away from finishing the center. That is 294.4 rows! That is a lot of rows considering each row increases two stitches. But I am getting there. Make sure and review the list of pattern erratas we have documented both on Ravelry and the Heirloom list. If you can not find them, let me know and I will send them to you. The most important one is the extra rows on the Laurel pattern. Other than that....stitch markers, good reliable chart marker, row counter and lots of patience. I have yet to figure out how many points we are going to need for the top edge....we'll see and let's hope is not that many. Yours is lovely!
Knit on!

Lorraine said...

Michelle- I think the tiara would be a nice touch. The pink is a lovely color on you.

Why are men obsessed with toilets?

Brigitte said...

Oh, it looks wonderful on you! Hee hee...Fairy Princess! All you'd need is a tutu, a tiara and a wand!

So, what's Mr. K. dressing up as for Hallowe'en?!!

carolyn said...

What a lovely sweater!
I was surprised to see you in pink, but that color looks great on you.

That lace looks very difficult to me.
I couldn't do it. Good thing you have such a wonderful resource as Laritza. It will truly be a heirloom!