Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Nine Cats

So, when was the last time you saw a short hair, all white cat...?
Was he waving at you?
Like Maneki Neko, the Beckoning Cat?
Holding a coin to attract money

Holding a Daruma to make wishes come true (success)

How about a Happy Home?

The story my family told about Maneki Neko isn't the traditional one.

We were told that the Samurai were between Masters and riding by, when they spotted a white cat in front of the temple . The leader said, "Hey! Look at that clever cat waving at us! Let's stop and meet the owner of that clever cat." As it turned out, it was the temple's cat, so the monks and villagers fed all the Samurai and made them feel welcome. They decided they were going to spend the night in the temple. That night, the roaming Bandits showed up to rob the temple and village, but to their surprise, the Samurai were staying there and 'saved' the day! Hooray! Thanks Maneki Neko!!

So, it's all about the value of animals and how they reflect their owners, making people feel welcome, and justice (rewarding good behavior!)

My Brother called and said they got a 'good look.' They've got another boy on the way! Mr K is gonna have a little brother to boss around. Oh joy! He's thinking of calling him Wyatt... because it rhymes with Quiet! That cracks me up! :D

I made a baby quilt for him...

Mom (Grandma) picked up these Maneki Neko batiks when she was in Hawaii a long time ago. She thought they would make a cute quilt for her grandchild. Little did I know, that I was going to make it! My Brother & SIL are very simplistic, so I made a simple quilt.

Notice the black one in the middle.

The black ones ward away evil spirits, so kisses to all my black cat friends!

Meanwhile, I think Mr K is in denial. Grandma is teaching him his numbers now...

Nine Roosters

Kamati: "Smoothie, you need to go to Grandma's and learn to count..."

Smoothie: "Bunnies don't count... they MULTIPLY!!!"

Kamati: "That does it! I'm outta here!"

Smoothie: "Wait! Come back Kamati! I made a funny! heehee!"

Yes, Mr. K got a quilt too... His has batik pandas. SIL is half Chinese. Brother took this photo for me, since I couldn't remember what I did for Mr K's quilt.

He was upset when Dad said it was time to put away the quilt. He was having fun lining up his balls in the squares. For crying out loud... let the kid play with his quilt!

I haven't seen any all white short haired cats in real life. I'm sure they're out there somewhere... maybe at the temple! ;)

Kisses to all the cats out there! Attract something good for your owners! :)


Anne said...

Great quilts -- I love how bunnies multiply.

Congratulations to the new addition to your family. Someone else to knit for!

Brigitte said...

My guys always bring me good luck! How could they not when they make you so happy?

Wow, you quilt too?! Geez girl... Those are great quilts! That's my sister's domain.

Smoothie's a real card...

Lorraine said...

Michelle- Is there no end to your talents?

I have seen those cats, and some of them wave their paws up and down. Now I know what they are.

Kitten-Chow has major attitude, but gives me such joy.

carolyn said...

Awesome quilts!
You are so talented.
Congratulations to your family... another boy!