Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nice Pumpkins!

Mr K went to the Pumpkin Patch...
"I like big pumpkins and I cannot lie,
you other brothers can't deny..."
After he got done choosing his pumpkin, he decided to be Superman!

"Look out! Here I come to save the world!"

When the weight of the world has got you down...

"Put on your pajamas, and grab your balls!"
Or better yet, put on your favorite scarf!

"Scat Smoothie, your in my shot!"
"No, YOU'RE in MY shot!"
Alhambra - Ann Hanson
US 4 needles
12"x 57"
Mr K is trying to find out what's wrong with the Wii board.

"Why. What?! I see you! Blasted dust bunnies! Come out NOW!"
I told Wooly if his dust bunnies got any bigger, he would have to give them names! He immediately did a bunny roundup.
I sent Mr K a card (black cat) and stickers for Halloween.
"Oh! Nice! I'm putting it on my shirt!"
My Mom called me and asked if I sent him a card... yep... was it a cat... yep!
Mr K was pointing at it and saying, "cat, cat, cat, meeeooowww!"
Then they went on their walk and saw a real cat... he meowed at it. Mom was happy it didn't follow them home, since SIL doesn't like pets. (gasp!)
Did you send stickers too... yep... were they cute monsters... yep!
She said she saw them stuck on their floor!
LOL! hooray! :)
As Mr K would say, "all you need is pajamas and balls!"
I would insert 'yarn' before 'balls'! :)
Happy Halloween! Hope you're knitting!
Watch out for the bunnies! :)


Brigitte said...

LOL! Mr. K., you are just the funniest and cutest little Superman!

Stickers! Lucky guy! And lucky Smoothie and Kamati for being allowed to model Alhambra! Beautiful! I wish I knew what project monogamy was all about...

Lorraine said...

Michelle- Stickers are so much fun. Kids just love them.