Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mom's White Sweater

When I first saw Geno in Rowan 43, I thought it looked like an updated version of the sweater my mom use to wear. Mom doesn't remember having a white sweater...

A month or so later, she called me and said I need to see this photo... boy, did we get old!

See! She's wearing THE WHITE SWEATER! She still doesn't remember it. She remembers that she made that muu muu for me... yeah, I wasn't afraid of color when I was young! :) She said she was going to send this out as our Christmas photo back then. I think it's funny that she has her hair pulled back... I do that now! When I showed Wooly, he didn't know it was us... he says he never knew my mom was so gorgeous... even with her eyes closed.

So, after seeing the photo, I had to make the sweater...

Kamati! Mom's losing it! You have to help get this off me! I can't hear anything! Hurry!!!

I'm using Rowan 4ply soft (merino) #395 (fairy) that I got at Marie's sale (Main Street Yarn.) The original is made from 4ply cotton. I don't like knitting with cotton. Wooly thought the left front was a sleeve because the sides were curling in. Making the back, sure was boring... I caught myself snoozing... that never happens when I knit lace!


I got my second place gift from Bad Cat! I love Lacey Lamb and the color is actually a gray blue with a tinge of purple. Very pretty... I've never seen this color. I'm pretty sure she made that peachy bag... She has directions on how to make it on her blog. She's very crafty. Thanks again Bad Cat!

In Mr K's World...

NO POOL??!! Say that to my face Dad! Go ahead... make my day! I don't care if that's a NEW camera! Pool pool pool!!
Wasting water?! NOT! I'm filling my pool! Why don't you go stand over there!
C'mon! I got the pool filled! You don't need no stinkin swimmies! C'mon! Time's a wasting!

Yep! Mr K is all go go go, all the time! Summer is almost over and he's making the most of every minute. I wish I had that kind of energy! ;)

Fall starts next week... Happy knitting! :)


carolyn said...

WOW! That pink lacy sweater has really knit up quickly... I didn't even know you were starting that.
I envy even the thought of using a pool... it's been so cold here I'm thinking ice rinks! We have snow on the mountains already.

Brigitte said...

Yay! Fall!

That is quick! You're just crankin' them out, and doing a mighty fine job of it too! :)

Nice ponytails. Hee hee. (I can laugh, because I had them too.)

Lorraine said...

Michelle- I remember muumuu's and pigtails- what an adorable picture.

How do you knit so fast?

Lorri said...

You have been doing a lot of knitting lately. You Unst Stole came out great!