Monday, September 8, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

Ever have one of those weeks, where you're totally fed up with everything (work), and everyone's attempts at keeping you down is working?!

For me, that was last week...

"Where's the good news? Why is everything so dysfunctional? Bite me dooshbag!"

By Friday, I had a huge headache, fell asleep on the bus (that NEVER happens), and was ready to pack my bags and ride into the sunset with Wooly (my only friend).

Oh Happy Day!

Look what Colette, Lorraine & Brigitte sent my way!
I'm so thrilled, touched and honored!
You snapped me right out of my pity party!

Colette (Lace Maven) is truly inspirational. What I love about her, is that she doesn't settle for 'good enough.' She could only find silk cobweb in white and dyed it a beautiful red for her Wedding Ring Shawl. She's a designer and lace knitting teacher at her LYS. She takes beautiful photos of her work, which is true perfection. I want to knit lace and take risks like her when I grow up.

Lorraine (Sheriff of Knittingham) is the total package. Traditional Fair Isle & Aran Knit Designer, loving mom (to everyone's kids and critters) and wife, and if that's not enough... she also knits lace shawls with the yarn she dyed. I want to be a loving mom like her.

Brigitte (Wrapped Around My Finger) is your best friend. She's got 3 celebrity cats, who I love like my own. I wish she lived next door so I could visit. She knits beautiful fair isle, aran, lacey sweaters & socks. Animal lover, generous with her gifts, bike rider. She and the kitty counsel are always up to something fun. She's hilarious and always leaves me laughing.

I'm suppose to nominate 4 people... but, everyone I was thinking of already got nominated.
(Carolyn, Anne, Laritza, Fleegle, Bad Cat,...) So, I'm nominating everyone I've ever left a comment for. :)

Summer Sampler Stole Celebration

Summer Sampler Stole - Bad Cat Design

Cashwool #987 - extra fine merino

2.5mm addis lace needles

18" x 72"

...three, four.. eight.. how many patterns are there suppose to be? 12?

You dumb bunny! You can't count! OMG! Watch out for the snake!

I sent my photos to Bad Cat, to let her know I enjoyed and finished knitting her stole and to join the celebration of us that finished. Guess what! I was the second one finished, so she's sending me 2 balls of Lacey Lamb in the light blue color that she knit hers in! I'm so thrilled! You know how much I love Lacey Lamb! and that blue is sooo my color! Hooray! Another surprise! Thanks Bad Cat!

Double Delight

My Double Delight rose - very fragrant beauty

So, thanks to you all, what a happy day Sunday was! Blue Ribbon & Lacey Lamb!

They say, if you surround yourself with people you admire,... you become a better person. In my case, you're all rubbing off on me and I'm feeling better already!

Love you all! Chin up! Happy Knitting!


Laritza said...

Thanks for the thoughts! The stole is lovely!

carolyn said...

I'm so envious of your lovely fragrant roses.
Everything is fall colors here and we had the coldest most gloomy summer on record this year!
Thank goodness for knitting!!!

Brigitte said...

Yay you! You deserve it 100%! Aw, and thanks for the lovely comments. :)

I can't get over your Summer Sampler stole! Wow, are the guys ever good at not walking all over it as it's being blocked! Something I could never hope for with my guys, they'd be lying all over it. Heh. ;o)

Lorraine said...

Michelle- You're a big inspiration to me- a very accomplished knitter, as well as a lovely person.

P.S. My DH always falls asleep on the train, and I told that's what old people do.