Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Purple Turbo

Summer has arrived.
I was waiting for a warm day to block this purple Magic Carpet Ride.

Mom, it's too hot for a scarf!

Magic Carpet Ride by Susan Pandorf
Woolen Rabbit Whisper Merino lace yarn - Arabian Nights
Foxden beads - 8-0013F
12" x 60"

More Purple

My Japanese Iris' are blooming! What a show stopper! The first year I had 3 blooms, last year I had 7, this year I counted 16 buds!

I say this every year, "Perfect shade of purple!" I just wish they lasted longer. I got these from my Mom, who got them from a friend. Mine are really happy here, so I think they should just give me all of theirs! hee hee.. ;)

We went to Fred Meyer's (store) yesterday and I saw this Lavender & White Stripey Japanese Iris just sitting there waiting for me. I searched the whole garden section to see if anyone else wanted to come home with me, but there was just this one.

I emailed my Mom this photo and she couldn't believe I got it at Fred's. She hasn't seen one like this either.

In Knitting News...

Lyra - I'm through row 72 of 180. As you can see, we've got some leaves now. Still fun. I'm anxious to see how big or small the final project will be. I'm thinking of giving this to Mom for her birthday, which is towards the end of July.

Unst v.3 - I've got 6 of 10 repeats done and it's still not on the floor! I'm getting sick of this pattern... but I've only knitted it 23 times...

Alhambra - I've only done one more repeat while waiting for Wooly's brother to arrive. I didn't want to be in the middle of a long row. So, I've got 11 of 17 repeats done, but just going to use all the yarn. It's not a challenge for me, so pretty boring, but will make a good gift, or maybe I'll just keep it for myself.

Summer Sampler Stole - We're through the 5th pattern of 12. It's called The Grand Spider and we got to make 7 into 7 - Estonian lace - love it! I'll show patterns 5 & 6 next week.

Fulmar - No progress. I've got the front & back done. I want to finish it before Mr K's 2nd birthday in December. I think it would look nice over a kilt... but I don't have a kilt.

In Mr K's world...

Wanna ride? Beep beep! Vroom!

Check out his green shoelaces! He's 1.5 years now. I can't believe he's walking.

Guess who's pregnant??!!

Wooly's glad... that it's not his...

No, it's not Jack's! Who said that??!! Yes, I think he's cute... yes, I want his blue socks...!

Wait. What were we talking about? Stop distracting me! LOL! :D

Mr K is gonna be a big brother! 2/17/2009 is the due date! They can't believe it either! My Mom got teary. My Brother called me at work, and I had to do my happy dance very quietly. I have to make a baby quilt and a sweater to wear... or I can just wear Autumn Oregon. Maybe I'll be done with Unst... that would be nice.

So, Mr K is going to have someone to push around... in the car. ;) He will no longer be the center of the universe. I really like having a brother. SIL is an 'only' and she wishes she had a sibling. I'm so happy I have something to look forward to!

Happy Canada Day to my Canadian friends...

Happy Independence Day to my American friends...

Freedom... it's a good thing! :)


Anne said...

Happy 4th of July to you!

We enjoyed our disjointed long weekend this year -- with a hoiday on a Tuesday no less LOL!!!

Love your lace.....and congratulations on the expected new addition to the family.

Brigitte said...

Freedom is a very good thing! Happy 4th to you. :)

Wow, that's a lot of lace knitting... Heh, Kamati looks very fetching in purple.

And Mr. K. can come over here and wheel me around in his little car anytime. Vroooom! And congrats too!

carolyn said...

Happy 4th to you too!
Your irises look as lovely as your peonies! Now if I could just be as interested in gardening as I am in knitting we might have some flowers too.

Lorraine said...

Michelle- I cn't believe you finished Arabian Nights- that's amazing. Well done.

Congrats to your expanding family.

Kim said...

What a lovely lovely job you did on Magic Carpet Ride!! Lots of beautiful knitting happening in your corner of the world :)