Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Rap Tap Ratchet

"The Seattle Mariners called... they need this wheelbarrow fixed for the game tonight...
Here's a 12mm ratchet, get busy, time's a wasting!"

Mr K wearing Mariner's baseball shirt

"Let's see, it looks like if I just tighten it up here, we should be good to go..."

Hard at work, notice his tummy!

"Okay Dad! All done! Back to my music!"

Rap tap tap... faster, faster, louder!

"Uncle Wooly says that I need to practice my drumming because he needs me to play while he plays his bagpipes...

Mom has been sick (morning sickness)... maybe if I play louder, she'll get out of bed!"

Meanwhile, in my world...

We went to friend's house for the 4th and Wooly brought his bagpipes. He played outside on their deck and we all cheered him on. We created a monster! Now he's playing outside at our house! Haven't hear any complaints from the neighbors... yet.

He got his new set of bagpipes from Ontario and is in heaven. I guess we'll just stay at home and listen to him play since he spent our vacation money on it!!

At least I have fun knitting projects to work on while he's making noise...

Here's Summer Sampler Stole...

Patterns 5 & 6

The bottom pattern is called The Grand Spider and the upper one is called Summer Wheat. We're half way done, since there are 12 patterns total, plus an edging.

Here's Lyra...

I'm on row 120 of 180 and have started the flower (left hand side). These row are getting long! I keep looking at the calendar, Mom's birthday is less than 2 weeks away. I think I'll just focus on Lyra so I'll have it done by her birthday.

Hope you're all enjoying summer! Got vacation plans?

If you needs some 'music' to go along with the sunshine, we'll send Wooly and Mr K right over!

Happy Knitting! :)


Anne said...

You should have made him bring you up here to pick up those bagpipes!!!

Lorraine said...

I happen to love bagpipe music- and a guy in a kilt can be alot of fun too.

Your knitting continues to amaze me.

Did the little guy get a wheelbarrow ride?

Brigitte said...

I agree with Anne - you should have come over to pick up those bagpipes. For years now, someone in my neighbourhood plays the bagpipes at night, and is very good at it. Always after dark, it's so wonderful. And I still don't know who it is.

If anyone can finish it in 2 weeks,it's you alright!

And Mr. K? You can play along with me anytime you want. You're so cute!

Lorri said...

I am impressed at how well Lyra is coming along. No worries, huh?

Enjoy your bagpipe music!

carolyn said...

Lyra is going to be beautiful.
I wish I could knit lace... well, maybe not.
Sorry I haven't written for so long. Our internet has been off and on for a couple weeks, and totally off last week. I couldn't get it to load blogs at all!
How interesting to hear someone playing bagpipes. We've never had a neighbor that played anything worth listening to.