Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I love Summertime. I love sunshine. I relax when I'm warm. I also knit like there's no tomorrow...

Summer Sampler Stole

We're now through pattern #4 on BadCat's Summer Sampler Stole. There are 12 patterns in all and an edging. I'm using Cashwool and 2.5mm addis lace needles.
Pattern #3 + #4

Unst v.3

I got 2 more repeats done for a total of 4 out of 10. I'm using 2/36 cashmere/silk from ColourMart and 2.5mm Knit Pick Needles. Still loving it and no, it's not on the floor! ;)

Green Mean Vacuum Machine Proof


I even started Lyra! I'm using Cashwool from my stash because it's cheap and not sticky. I had a hell of a time starting with the double point needles! Too many points and small hands. I kept telling myself, "This is why you don't do socks!... Oh!... Ugh!... Start over!" I restarted a gazillion times and finally was okay with it.

40 rows of 180

It's an addicting fun knit. I see why people love making these. Every odd numbered row is different. I'm going to make another one out of (yet to be determined) 'special' yarn after I get through this one. I'm using Knit Pick Harmony 2.5mm needles.

Wait. All my Summer Projects are with 2.5mm needles??!!! :D

What's blooming at my house?

My peonies! I love my peonies. I'm so glad it hasn't rained and wiped them out. They're so pretty... and pink!

I'm celebrating this year because this white one finally produced a bloom after many years of waiting. The label said it was red, but I'm happy with white.

Every year Wooly asked if he could pull it out since it was flowerless. I kept saying, "Um... NO!" Sure enough, this year, ONE perfect flower!

Last Monday 6/23 marked one year of blogging for me! It's sure been fun sharing successes and disappointments. I'm convinced that's why that one white peony finally bloomed for me! :)

We all have lots of fabulous projects yet to make... I, for one, can't wait!

Have a great week! Knit on! :)


Brigitte said...

Dude. Third incarnation of Unst? You're good. I would have chucked it after #1.

Aren't peonies wonderful? I pass by a house on my way to the train every day that has some beautiful pink and white ones!

Happy one year! Yay us for having you around!

Anne said...

My peonies were spectacular this year -- lots of huge blooms and large plants -- unfortunately I didn't get them photographed before the rains started -- it's rained a little (or a lot) almost every day for the past two weeks - no amount of staking has kept these beauties from drooping -- so today the dead heading starts! I wish they lasted longer.

Love the lace.

Lorraine said...

Michelle- Your projects are all so pretty.

It does take a few years for a peony bush to produce flowers, but they are so worth the wait. Anne's right, they don't last a long time, but I have some of the palest pink ones that are stunning.

Here's to a terrific week!

carolyn said...

Your peonies are gorgeous!
I miss the ones I planted at our other house... makes me wish I had dug them up and moved them! I haven't planted new ones so now I will just have to wait.
All of your lace looks so beautiful!