Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Big Trouble

Big Thanks
I want to start by thanking Laritza for offering to hold my hand with Lyra. That was very generous of you and quite a nice surprise! I feel more confident now that I have a 'lifeline'.
Bright spot in my day

I found out about Lyra being reprinted by Lacis on her blog. I'm looking around for the 'perfect' yarn, but hope to start soon. :D

Big Trouble!

Now the bad news. Are you sitting down? Okay, here's the story...

Wooly called me at work last Thursday and says, "something terrible has happened..." I take a deep breath and say, "okay, tell me..." He says, "I was vacuuming and your project (cobweb Unst) got eaten by the vacuum cleaner... I'm so sorry!" I say, "Are you kidding me?" He says, "You know how careful I am around your projects... it's so light that it got sucked in the vacuum ... and with lightning speed... I reached down to turn it off,... but I couldn't find the switch..." I say, "Anything else? What's it look like?" He says, "It's got a giant hole... and it broke your needles..." I start laughing hysterically. He says, "Why are you laughing? What's so funny??! I'm sorry! Are you okay???!!! Anything you want! I'm buying!" I realize I'm at work and don't want the peanut gallery to get in my business, so I put my forehead on the edge of my desk and try to laugh softly. I say, "I'm so cursed... I swear God doesn't want me to have anything Heirloom..." He says, "What are you talking about? You're not cursed...!" Still laughing I say, "Have you read my blog? Remember the tickle attack and how I was worried about loosing a stitch and breaking my needles with my death grip? HAHA!... I just wrote that yesterday! HAHAH..." He gets off the phone to read my blog.

I tell my friend Tracy during break. She knows all about the first Unst where I used lace weight instead of cobweb and ran out of yarn. I tell her I started again with cobweb and about the tickle attack and what just happened. She gets the most horrified look on her face and I start laughing again. She says, "What's for dinner? I think he need to take you out! Doesn't steak, baked potato, salad and wine sound good?" I'm too nice and say, "Nah, that's okay..." She says, "Honey, you need lessons in 'milking it'!! Listen to me! You need lots of needles and expensive yarn! and a tote to put your projects in... you know what I mean by tote?" I'm still laughing and say, "Nah,.. Oh, okay needles.. totes are ugly... Man, my stomach hurts..." She hands me a Kudos bar. I start laughing again because I'm thinking of serving it to Wooly for dinner. :)

So, after we have leftovers for dinner, I bring myself to actually looking at the blob. Reality bites! I hold up the swatch and say, "... see how pretty it would have been? Oh! Ugh! I can't believe this!" Wooly, (who has the gift of the gab and doesn't know when to stop talking) says, "Oh, you've only been working on that for what, 3 days..?" Okay, I finally got angry (clap your hands) and say, "Wooly, I started this before you went to Canada for the parade! So, it's been like a month! and I had 7 of 10 repeats done and only 3 to go!..." He says, "Well, it would have been worse if it was Fulmar that got eaten..." I say, "What?! How can you compare and give more value to Fulmar??" I know the answer, it's because he's an Aran sweater lover. He jumps up and points to the computer and says, "Go order your needle! Order two! Hurry!.."

Kamati's tail, since this is the end of Unst v.2

Down, but not out...

So, I sulked and didn't knit Thursday or Friday nights. I moped around and thought about whether or not I really wanted to try again. I realized that the cobweb was hard for me to work with and white wasn't a fun color to stare at for hours. I looked at Lorri's Shetland Stole - which is similar to Unst - and realized I still wanted one of my own, damn it! So, okay, let's take advantage of this opportunity to get it 'right.'

I found a cone of 3/36 cashmere and silk, which is a little thicker than cobweb. Similar to Lacey Lamb, but has the shine of silk and light blue - which I love in my stash. I have 2 cones (6000 yds) so I won't run out. :) It's between cobweb and lace weight.

I swatched with 2.5mm needles and really loved the resulting fabric. I was worried that I couldn't get the oil out of the yarn. (I used Dawn dish washing liquid)

Forsaking all others, I've been knitting on it like I'm possessed and have 2 repeats done. (I'm not going to maintain this pace.) I love everything about it and am not leaving it on the floor... ever!

Big Appetite

Mr K (nephew) at Todai (all-you-can-eat.)

Me Happy! Yum Yum!

Looks like his second plate! He has Wooly's big appetite! Hey, Mr K, you gonna eat that strawberry?

Protect your projects! Here's hoping the 3rd time's a charm! :)


Laritza said...

You are most welcome!
Now on the Unst vacuum ordeal.....sorry but I had to laugh too. It is funny but it is not funny. There are things that are just not meant to be. This time it will go smoothly. Keep up posted!

carolyn said...

That's awful about your vacuum disaster. The only reason I wouldn't have to worry about that happening is that no one ever vacuums but me! Now I know why that's a good thing!
You have so many beautiful pictures posted for me to catch up on... I haven't read any blogs for a month... love the Forget-me-nots!
Better luck on your new lace.

Brigitte said...

Oh no! Oh no! But, I can completely see why you'd laugh, it's so ridiculous, what choice do you have.

*sigh* Now, if it had been Fulmar...

Lorraine said...

Michelle- I guess laughing was all you really could do.

You're not meant to have a white Heirloom project- take it as a sign from the Knitting Gods.

Karla (ThreadBndr) said...

Stopped by to see what you were up to and read the top post about Unst V3 And thought to myself, "I know that V1 was the lace vs cobweb heartbreak. What's with V2?" OMG - heartbreak!!!!

But what can you do? Well except laugh and cry all at the same time.

Blue is good.......