Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Things in my world have been bonkers lately.
Despite that, I've managed to knit a little bit.

Progress Report

Here's Smoothie with Alhambra. I've got 10 of 17 repeats done, but I'm just going to keep going until the yarn is gone. I like the way it looks unblocked and love the color. Here's Kamati with Unst v.2. I've got 6 of 10 repeats done. I didn't stretch it out because it's cobweb... and I swear I'm cursed when it comes to anything Heirloom.
Recently, Wooly decided it was time for a tickle attack, while I was minding my own business knitting Unst with cobweb and wooden 2.5mm needles. I'm terribly ticklish and yelled out, "IF I DROP A STITCH YOU'LL BE IN BIG TROUBLE!" Kamati and Smoothie were scared and saying, "Dad! Look out! The wrath of Mom!" Thankfully I managed not to drop any stitches or break the needles with my death grip. Meanwhile, Wooly was giggling and mimicking me, "big trouble! big trouble!" He has no idea how close he was to losing something.

Something New

I started the Summer Sampler Stole that Bad Cat designed. She's putting out a different pattern every week and it's a mystery because she hasn't shown the finished stole. It's a nice break from cobweb and something I look forward to.

We only have 2 patterns, so you can catch up. I like that you don't need to be part of a group or sign up and that we're learning something all summer. I'm using Cashwool. Thanks Bad Cat!

Scottish Highland Games

We went to the games in Ferndale, WA (15 miles south of the Canadian border) last weekend. The best quote I heard all day came from a kid... "They let everyone come? Even Americans?!" I laughed and told Wooly who was disgusted. You know how most Americans don't appreciate bagpiping like in Canada and the UK.

Simon Fraser University from BC was there. Remember these guys? and how I like their blue socks? They had vests on this year because it was gray and cold. Best we'll hear without going to Scotland. (That white stuff is cottonwood seeds, not snow.) See the guy looking forward in the front row... that's Jack... World Class Piper who's won multiple gold medals (starting at 22 years old) and Wooly's friend.

I got to meet him... here's the story. :)

Wooly walks over to Jack and they start talking. I stay where I am, and look around at everything. Then I hear Jack say, "Who's that?" I look over and he's pointing at me with a big grin on his face. Wooly motions me over and says, "That's The Wife! Come over here and meet Jack... best piper in the world..." I didn't know I had a title. ;) So I walk over and shake his hand, smile and tell him it's nice to meet him, blah blah. Jack says, "WOW! Your hand is warm!" and he reaches up and holds my hand with both hands. Wooly says, "Really, that's weird. Usually both her hands and feet are freezing." Jack says, "Well, she's got a fire burning in her!" I say, "Just for you Jack!" He continues grinning and holding my hand and turns to Wooly and says, "You know what the worst thing about being 50 is? (he turns back and looks me dead in the eyes and says) I'm sleeping with a 50 year old." I'm speechless. Can't even make myself look small because he's holding my hand with both hands. Wooly does his flip back Pez head laugh and says, "You're sleeping with at 50 year old? HA HA! I'm not!" Okay, so he's talking about his wife. Breathe. Jack turns back to me and says, "I know! How young are you?" still holding my hand. I'm not telling, so I say, "I'm not 50!" and start grinning back. Wooly finally tells him and Jack says, "Oh lucky you!" still holding my hand! Then Jack asks Wooly if everything is still working... physically. Wooly points at me and says, "Ask The Wife..." I'm dying and not answering that question, so I look away... like I didn't even hear them. So now they're both laughing and he's still holding my hand. Jack asks how long we've known each other. I look him dead in the eyes with a pitiful 'save me' look on my face and say, "Forever..." It was pretty funny because Jack actually felt sorry for me... I could see it in his eyes.

Afterwards, Wooly says, "Whatever you do now, DON'T wash that hand!" We laugh and I tell him that when Jack was talking about sleeping with a 50 year old, I wanted to ask him if he was sleeping alone and needed help with that. Wooly busted out laughing and said Jack would have liked that. Wooly says Jack is still the same guy he was when they were in their teens. But I think Wooly brings out the bad in everyone.

So, when the band marched out, Wooly nudges me and says, "Hey! Check out Jack's pipes! Those look just like the ones my teacher played." While they were playing he nudges me again and says, "See how Jack is slightly bouncing? He's really loving it. I've got to ask him about his pipes."


Monday after work I came home and was thrilled that my Lyra pattern had arrived from Lacis.

Lyra was selling on ebay for over $100 and Lacis republished it and is selling it for $7. I never thought I would ever get my hands on the pattern.

Wooly says to me, "Are you happy now? Okay, sit here. I want to tell you something." I'm thinking this can't be good. He tells me that he emailed Jack and found out that his pipes are replicas of his teacher's original set and that there are only 2 sets in North America and Jack has one of them. The other set is in Ontario... guess who owns them now???!! Can you guess? Wooly bought them! OMG! I didn't ask how much they were. He already bought 4 sets of cowboy boots and a new motorcycle helmet within the last few weeks... now bagpipes?! How many sets of pipes do you need?

What's wrong with me? I get a thrill over a $7 pattern. Wooly needs to spend thousands to get that same thrill. So, I'm kind of disgusted, but letting it go.

I was looking at Lyra and to be honest... I'm kind of intimidated... I don't know if I'll ever really make it.

I need someone to hold my hand... besides Jack! :)


Laritza said...

I will gladly hold your hand with Lyra. It is really not that hard.
1. Be aware there is a needle size change at some point, forgot what row.
2. You have to move the stitch markers to the right or left depending on the symbol to "shift" the starting point of the row.
3.Double yarn over and on the next row knit one purl one in the double yarn over.
4. If you are going to knit the round vs the square read the instructions carefully for the set up row.
That is all there is to it. It is intermediate complexity you can do it! Holler if you need help.

Lorri said...

Well Wooly definitely owes you the Lyra with the Unst incident and the Jack incident. I think he owes you some expensive yarn to go with it too.

Thanks for the tip on the Lyra pattern! I will have to hop on over to Lacis.

Anne said...

I'm laughing !!!!

Bagpipes from Ontario? Cool!

Lorraine said...

Michelle- The bigger the boys- the bigger the toys.

I would use the price of the bagpipes to my advantage- sounds like he owes you alot of yarn.

Brigitte said...

I agree with Lorraine, I think you have some stuff comin your way! Hey, I know...he should spring for a trip here so that he can pick up his bagpipes! What a great story, you're so funny!

I have a hard enough time with ONE lace project. I can't imagine working on 2 at the same time.

Karla (ThreadBndr) said...

I LOVE Highland Games - especially the pipers. (did you know I am learning to make kilts?) And hey 50 isn't old!

Re Lyra. I just found out that Lacis has reprinted it! Do you know if anybody is doing a KAL for it? I'm going to have to get the Lacis pattern just for the english directions! I hope they can arrange to publish other Neibling patterns, too.

I'm about to dive into cobweb weight yarn myself. I'm worried that Molly will put a paw up and rip it to shreds.