Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Forget Me Not

I've always loved Forget Me Nots, not only for their color and how tiny and easily overlooked they are, but for the meaning behind the name. I think we all want to be remembered for something good that we've done or created... A Cone Ahead...

Kamati and Smoothie (backup) have been 'taken' by my latest purchase. So much so, that they've been singing...

(oo) "What you want?

(oo) Mommy I got!

(oo) What you need...

(oo) Do you know we got it?

(oo) All you want is...

(oo) Is a cone of Shetland Supreme Cobweb! (just a little bit!)

Hey Mommy! (just a little bit!) Start knitting with it! (just a little bit!)

Mommy! (just a little bit!)...

If they had their way, Ms Franklin would never be forgotten! Try explaining to them how she wasn't part of the Supremes! *ahem*

I did swatch with it. Recognize this from Blue Blob Blunder? Yes, I'm going to attempt Unst again. I've got to admit that I never forgot or got over that blunder.

Luckily, I was blogging at the time, so I have all that to re-read and remember lessons learned. Like the importance of using the right weight of yarn, using a lifeline, etc.

I want to honor those Shetland knitters by continuing the tradition. :)

Pipers Field Trip

Wooly and 3 other American pipers invaded Canada this weekend to play in the parade. Can you tell which 4 are the Americans and which 2 are the Canadians? The Americans are full of hot air.

The Canadians love them because they're a band all by themselves. Wooly said it was fun because all the guys were really good 'in the day' and still are. He loves playing in Canada because the crowd goes wild and actually is disappointed when they finish a tune. There were 11 pipers and lots of drums, so they were really loud and exciting.

Don't they look nice in their tartans? Check out the fancy socks! (click on the photo) They're carrying on the tradition too. :) (Wooly is 2nd from the left)

What's blooming at my house?

My red poppy! It's also the symbol for Veterans of Foreign Wars. Since last weekend was also Memorial Day weekend, I thought it was appropriate.

Forget Not!


Anne said...

Where in Canada? Vancouver I'm thinking (am I right?) Wooly looks great in his kilt--I love men in kilts.

Love your song!

Brigitte said...

What a great picture! Kilts are the best. Where were they in Canada?

I'm glad Kamati and Smoothie are keeping you entertained.

Unst...OK, I'm going to go and google that one, I need a reminder...

Lorraine said...

We Canadians do love a pipe band- but Anne is right- it's the kilts.

Cobweb- you are amazing. That will be a work of art.