Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Watering Can

Little Man and his watering can...

Mr K went to visit Grandma and was really happy to find her watering can.
He grabbed it, marched to her potted plants and started watering.
"I'm a big boy! All these plants need watering!"

Then he continued to water plants in the yard. He grabbed Grandma's hand and led her to the next plant, gave her the watering can and pointed.

"There's more over here! C'mon Grandma!"

He managed to point at every plant in her front yard and they all got watered despite Grandma's pleas that she was tired already. :)

Doesn't he look like the clown fish that got lost and his father was frantically trying to find him? Wasn't it Nemo? And the watering can is one of his fish friends?! hee hee, yes, I'm easily amused! :)

Meanwhile at my house...

I got my planters full of flowers and a watering can... just need a helper!
Kamati and Smoothie don't have thumbs! ;)

Red Kelp Rising

My red Laminaria is done! I really love the solid red. This is my absolute favorite shawl (for the moment.) Is she not flirty?!

Laminaria - Elizabeth Freeman

Alpaca with a Twist - Fino - Ruby Slipper

Addis Lace Needles - US5 or 3.75mm

74" x 36"

A blocking photo. This is closer to the actual color. I would say it's blood red. The pattern shows up better with a solid color. Look at all those blossoms!

I'm still fascinated by Estonian Lace. I ordered Knitted Lace of Estonia by Nancy Bush, which is coming out soon. I can't wait! I think the shawl on the cover is really beautiful.

What's blooming at my house?

I'm not sure what this is called, but the flowers bloom first, then the leaves come out. I call it a 'backwards azalea'.

Wooly and I were sitting on the patio having coffee...

Wooly: "What smells so good?!"

Me: "My hair?!"

Wooly: "No, it smells really fragrant, like Hawaii..."

Me: "Like my hair? Here smell it..."

Wooly: "No, that's not it... don't you smell it?"

Me: "Oh! It's that yellow dude!"

A landscaper told us the name of it (we can't remember it) and that we have a really nice one. We have an orange one in the front yard that's a later bloomer.

So, what's blooming at your house? Hard at work with your watering can? Got a helper with thumbs? Got a green thumb? Having a hard time focusing on knitting too?

Well, we might as well take time to smell and enjoy the flowers...

Have a good week! m :)


Lorraine said...

Michelle- Can I borrow that little fellow? He's way more useful than my teenagers.

Another shawl? My gosh that's pretty.

Brigitte said...

That is a beautiful shawl!

All I have so far is a potted fuschia, but I'm dragging Lorraine out to the garden center this weekend so I can get my flowers planted! It's really been too cold up to now.

And no, Gandalf will not be allowed to water the plants. The lack of opposable thumbs...