Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Do It Better

I strung 1660 beads and started Arabian Nights.
I got this far and decided I didn't like the loops on the bottom. All I wanted to do was pull on them (like a cat... with my claw) and they were heavy.
Don't like the loops
Important knitting decisions are made at work.

I decided I didn't want to continue with the loops. Then I was reading Lorraine's blog and she mentioned that 'if you don't like to do something, try doing it better.' Thanks Lorraine! That was the smack in the head I needed! :)

I started over. I did the bottom like Magic Carpet Ride and liked it much better, plus it reduced the weight. I got this far, and decided I didn't like the bottom corners. There was a lot of design alteration I could have done, but decided I didn't want to think that hard. :)

Don't like the corner
So, I started over again. This time I decided just to make another Magic Carpet since I already know I love it and it's a good gift. I'm still gonna have a gazillon beads left over, but that's okay. I'm gonna have lots of yarn left over too, but I love this yarn, so no worries. :)
"Don't stand on it!" (Needle bearing Smoothie)
"If you pull out that needle, you'll feel the Wrath of Mom!" (Naughty Kamati Rascal Supreme)

Do it Better with Color

I got more yarn from The Woolen Rabbit (Kim).

Flamingo & Fiddlehead

Do I need to mention how much I love this yarn?! My favorite Merino for knitting, blocking and color (not to mention holding up after frogging multiple times and surgery).

I bought the Alhambra kit from The Woolen Rabbit (Anne Hanson's design). I have no plans for the Fiddlehead, just had to have it. I'm hoping she will have a teal soon - for what? No idea, just would love teal. :)

Flamingo Alhambra

Red Kelp Sighting

I started another Laminaria with Alpaca with a Twist Fino - Ruby Slipper. I still love this pattern. Doing it better by using a solid color this time. Will be able to see the pattern clearer.

So, there's a lot of 'repeat knitting' going on here except for Alhambra.

I've got Spring Fever! I feel like traveling somewhere warm instead of knitting (gasp!) Seeing something new & jaw dropping. Don't want to work anymore! I want a new purse & clothes & shoes & house...!

I guess I have to try doing my LIFE better... or maybe this is my midlife crisis... Nah! Just Spring Fever.

Happy Do It Better To You! :)


Anne said...

I've been going thru the spring fever thing too.....don't worry, Spring IS COMING! (it does every year LOL!)

Brigitte said...

Wow, now that is a lot of stuff! See, I wouldn't have done the beaded loops at the bottom either. But wow does it ever look nice knitted into the design. That is a beautiful stole.

And Alhambra? I think I want to make it just for the name!

Kamati! Smoothie! Behave! (don't you wonder what they're up to when you're at work? Sheesh...)

Lorraine said...

Michelle- Kim does a color called "Marina"-

You are so amazingly quick. And the quality of the knitting- perfection.

Kim said...

Hmmm....I have some ideas floating around for a teal color :).

I agree with you on the AN loops. If I ever find the time to do mine, I am going to leave them off as well. I prefer things a bit more understated :_)

Lorraine said...

Tagged- see my blog-