Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Magic Carpet Ride

I was feeling good about myself. Head up, chest out, life was sweet.

Then things took a turn...

I got that terrible head cold congestion from hell that Wooly was just getting over after 10 days.

Then it started snowing Friday after dinner, and kept snowing all through the weekend. Remember, this is MID APRIL! I kept asking Wooly, "Where are we living?" I seriously considered making another hat.
My poor tulips

Saturday morning I was grafting Magic Carpet and it wasn't lining up. I had reversed 2 charts over 12 stitches on the second half. Thankfully, it wasn't in a beaded area. I blame it on congestion from hell. ;)

"Kamati, that's where YOU were standing on it!"

"NOT! I was standing on the first half, this is the second!"

I cringe every time I see someone doing 'surgery' on their knitting! I decided to try it, the worse that could happen is that I would have to rip it all out and start over, right?!

It all worked out and blocked beautifully.

"Ala Shazam! I felt it move! Hold on Smoothie!"

"That was Dad walking by..."

Presenting... Magic Carpet Ride!

Magic Carpet Ride by Susan Pandorf

Woolen Rabbit lace yarn kit - Moroccan Spice

Foxden beads - 1400 - 8-0004F

Lace Addis Needles - 3.25mm or US3

12" x 60"

For Linda

This pattern is beautifully dramatic and the beads weren't too heavy. Just remember that Susan loves beads. I learned that I don't enjoy stringing and 'carrying' beads on the yarn. I would rather hook them on. (Susan's next release - Crocus Pocus is 2500 hooked on beads in Handmaiden Seasilk!) The Woolen Rabbit merino yarn is fabulous. I love the color and the way it blocked beautifully.

Life goes on...

I woke up Monday, looked out the window... No snow! Headed back to work, feeling better, but not 100%. Braced myself for a terrible day. Opened my email. My brother sent me this...

"I've got a Happy Dandelion for you!!"

I almost cried!

Life is worth living again!


Anne said...

Sorry about the snow (snickering) -- we for once didn't get any -- it's like Canada is cut in half -- the west got all the snow and we got none......

Love the beaded scarf - totally gorgeous.

And love the dandelion photo -- how adorable!

Brigitte said...

Wow, Kamati and Smoothie give you NO grief at all when it comes to posing for pictures!

You amaze me...I would have ripped it out. *shudder* But it turned out beautifully!

Glad to hear you're feeling better!

Lorraine said...

I can't look at the surgery- OMG!

Children love dandelions- glad you're feeling better.

Kim said...

Holy Moley! You are one very BRAVE lady. That knit surgery gave me the shivers just looking at it.

You are an amazing knitter to have not only do that surgery, but correct it and get the scarf knit so fast.

Beautifully done!

Lorri said...

That is a lot of surgery. I can't believe you got it repaired so well. Amazing!

carolyn said...

Sorry you were sick... I can't believe that I somehow missed your post! Sorry about the snow... it must have escaped from here! We still have plenty, unfortunately.
That surgery was very brave of you... every time I try surgery (on cables though), it looks so bed I end up ripping it back.
The beads and lace are lovely together!