Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Perspective

For those of you who can't just run down to Main Street Yarn and have a look...
Here's your 'ohhh & awww!'
Wooly and I stopped by to say, "Hi!" to Marie. We were pretty much the only ones there, except for the small class. I was all, "ooohhh... wow... ooohhh... wow... wow... oooh, this is a perfect display... WOW..." Then I caught myself, turned to Marie and said, "heh! Here they're my shawls and I'm all 'WOW!' " She said there were people who wanted to touch them and she just said 'no.' She's really good at that! That's what the sign says... in a nice way.

New Perspective

So, I was really wishing you all were there with me so we could have had a discussion about 'positive and negative space'. Seeing them hang against a window revealed a new perspective for me. This is my opinion, not saying anything bad about anything.

Wing o Moth & Simurgh

Wing o Moth, in all her KSN mohair fluff goodness, looks too thick or dense - like Papa Bear.

Simurgh, in all her silky fine lace goodness, looks too thin - like Mama Bear.

Simurgh & Leaves and Trellis

Leaves & Trellis, in her Zephyr lace weight with US0 needles, looks just right - like Baby Bear.

See how you can really see the design and there's definite positive and negative space?

A real eye opener for me.

However, when just held, like you normally would do, they're all equally gorgeous. You know how color makes a difference. Just food for thought. I'm being ultra picky.

So, when I got home, I gave Laminaria the 'window test.' Even though this photo is closer than I was at Main Street Yarn, there's definite positive and negative space. (Just squint, yes, like in quilt layouts!)

See! I think she's an 'all around winner' in my book! Oh, how I love her!

Still in Morocco

"Ala shazaam! Alabababoo! Up, Up and Away! Mom! It's not working!"

So, Magic Carpet is half done. Kamati and Smoothie are trying to get it to 'go' or fly, but Kamati is stepping on it. I keep telling them it's not going to work until it's all done. Nobody listens to me.

I'm off to string 500 beads for the second half (not counting the ones I'll impale for the diamonds.) So, it's a bead madness day for me. I'm worried it won't block nicely or be too heavy. We will see... yes, me of little faith! *rolling eyes*

Oh, and guess what Wooly was talking to Marie about...?!


Happy Knitting or beading or whatever!


Brigitte said...

Oh, beads SCARE me! :(

Wow, your projects looks so wonderful in the window. I do see your point about positive/negative space.

So, is Smoothie new? Have we met him/her?!!

Lorraine said...

The window display is amazing. It does the ego good to have your work displayed like that.

You are permitted a gloat.

carolyn said...

I hadn't met "Smoothy"!
Your shawls look even more amazing displayed in the window like that.
Thanks for letting us all see.

I hope you didn't get the 10 inches of snow the national news showed of Everett... but they said the Seattle area. YUK! The only good thing is it fell on Saturday when there weren't many commuters.
(We haven't had snow for a whole week.Yipeee!!!!!!)