Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mice, Boots & Monsters

I resurrected The Queen and got one center repeat done. I love it.
 Wooly asked why they don't have teeth. I said it's because they're not smiling. I'm going to give these to my friends at work when I leave. Not that I have a last day planned, but I'm hoping if I act like it's happening, it will happen.
The Three Mouse-kateers! 
Look who went to Disneyland! They brought me back a Minnie Mouse antenna ball.
Don't you love how Dude is wearing his ears like his old school Mickey on his shirt?
Brother said, "Do you see that? 50 cents? No way! I'm not spending 50 cents for that!"
I said, "Are you serious?! I'm sending Corey a roll of quarters (or two) for his birthday!"
 Corey's Brown Shirt Band

"Uncle Wooly came down to our house...
   And he brought Auntie Michele (yay!)... 
      He kicked off his boots...
    Cracked open a brew...
  And said,  "Son, let me tell you a tale..."

 We got Mom her annual Mom's Day fuchsia basket. I couldn't find one I liked for the actual day, so I told her I'll get her one later. We found this one this morning at Safeway (grocery store.) Mom said, "Wow, they went crazy making this one! It's got all kinds of flowers in here!" She's holding her card with the ballerina mouse on it. :)

There's lots a pressure here. Her friends tell her how lucky she is that I'm such a good daughter. My friends ask me if I got her her basket. Everyone comes over expecting to see one! I think I outdid myself with this one, even if I was late.

I took her out to lunch and she tells me she found a lump, her breast cancer is back (after 16 years.)
She's going in for a biopsy.

I told Wooly it's a good thing we got her her basket today!

It puts things in perspective for me. I've been so focused on how much I hate my job.

Which reminds me, I do have a story from work...

Yesterday I ran into my friend, who's originally from Texas, and said, "Hey! Look at you cutie! With your flowy black dress and cowboy boots!"

She says, "Well, you know Michele, the shit runs deep around here..."

I laughed so loud that people stood up to see who was making noise.

I told her, "You're gonna get me in trouble!" and walked away.

She said, "Hey Michele! You know tomorrow is the end of the world? Nice knowing you!" and she waved and I waved back.

She's definitely getting a monster. 

But, just in case it's true... nice knowing y'all!
Guess my monsters won't get teeth!

Happy Knitting! :)


Dorothy said...

Well, the time has come and gone and we're still here. That shawl is gorgeous. I want to start that one, the Wedding Ring or Princess. Which one do you think I should do?

Sonya said...

The Queen is simply amazing! Your lace knitting is so good. Beautiful fuchsia you got for your mom too.

Lorraine said...

Hey Michele- I hope those Monsters find homes soon.

I will think good thoughts for your mom, she beat it once and she'll do it again.

AND... I have a Minnie Mouse aerial ball too!

Anne said...

I'm sending good vibes out to your Mom that everything is good......

Those monsters - don't make them too comfy at your place or they will never "go".....

I see your Lidiya there......and such lovely lace are an inspiration!

Brigitte said...

Why am I not surprised you got a Minnie Mouse aerial ball?!! Hee hee!

Oh, I'm thinking good thoughts for your Mom, I hope the biopsy went OK. You are a good daughter.

Work blows alright. >:(