Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

"Niobe is red, and Morpheous' hat is blue...
Happy Valentine's Day...
To you and you and you!"
 "Hi! I'm Katy Periwinkle... I told mom I needed some bling, so she made me flowers with sparkly beads in the center...Then, I asked for a tutu... she said, 'no.' "

"Anyone seen Gibbs? Where's my caf-pow?! Oh hi! I'm Abby. I told mom I'm not complete without Gibbs... she said I'm not the boss of her... but I saw her ordering yarn... heehee!"
Yes, there's been monster madness going on here. Wooly asked if he left on a motorcycle trip, if there would be 50 monsters when he got back. I said it would depend on how long he was gone. lol! :)
 Looks like the brothers are adjusting well at Mr K & Corey's house

When they opened them up for Christmas, they had the biggest smiles. I was so busy imprinting that moment in my brain that I forgot to take a picture. But, how could you not smile, when a monster is smiling at you?!
 Scary monster

I got the rib done for Anastasiya, and got 3 rows of the plaid done. Decided I need to catch those floats - they're too long. I'm having flashbacks to Whistler. :)

I got Lidiya done (partial view in first picture.) I love it. Will get good photos later.

I messed up my back yesterday and am in pain. I'm blaming the cold weather and stressful job. Moving slow. Hope it's better soon... like tomorrow morning... yes, I'm impatient. lol!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Go Monsters! :)


Dorothy said...

What darling monsters - and little boys too! So sorry about the back. That can be miserable. Take it easy and don't overdo!

Anne said...

Love those monsters!

Congrats on starting Anastasiya -- I wondered about those floats at the start too -- but with the rib pulling everything in, they look funny - but I persevered and it all worked out - as long as when you pull them out they aren't too tight - when you block the sweater it will be fine -- as a tunic - you are going to block the rib out flatter so that you don't get that tight rib on a tunic look - if you know what I mean.

Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

Lorraine said...

Michele- I want a monster, and I don't mean Kitten Chow.

Happy Valentines day to you and Wooly.

rubysasha said...

I love love love Gibbs & Abby! They are fantastic, any chance of a Ziva and Tony pair?

scarves said...
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Brigitte said...

Oh, those are just too cute. Gibbs and Abby, LOL. You got Abby down pat, with the little black pony tails.

I must make one of those monsters, they are just so adorable.