Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Two In One

I did a simple neckline for my Challenge sweater. You can see the beads in the background.
I'm doing both sleeves together in the round. Two in one. I like symmetry, and knew doing them separately was too much of a challenge for me. It would drive me crazy...
"Hey! Who are you?! And why do you get sweaters?!"
"She said something about a 'bear burrito' and shoved us in here."
"I thought she said this was two sleeves."
"Hurry and get us outta here!"
"It really does look like two sweaters..."
"Yeah, except that one is two sleeves... or so she says..."
"Heeheehee... I'm the Queen! Take my picture!"
"Poser! Stupid crown! Shut up already!"

Meanwhile, in my real world...

We went to Cameron's house for dinner. It turned out to be Myra's birthday (his wife) and Dave (Wooly's housemate, back in the day) was in town too. So we were killing 3 birds with one stone.

When we got there, Euna (daughter) said, "When Wooly first starting coming over... I was 10!" I gasped and asked how old Wooly was... he was 19! I gasped again. I was born, but not in school. Talk about 'robbing the cradle!' We screamed with laughter. Then Cameron said, "I'm not telling you how old I am!"

Wooly was driving his dark green GTO back then... I would have had a crush on his GTO! :)

I know all the guys because they come over and I see them at The Games, so it was nice to finally meet The Wives. They were all really nice and possessed the 'gift of the gab' so they were easy to be around.

Turns out they really like our photo Christmas cards and keep them. So now the pressure is on for this year's card. Gawd.

Then Neil showed up in his full uniform (kilt), he just got done playing at an event. He's tall, blond & handsome...and my age... let the lusting begin. ;) He's the first of Wooly's piping friends I met. He came to the house and Wooly went downstairs to do something and Neil and I hit it off royal. What a nice guy. We were both young back then. I told Wooly he should be happy I met him first, because, you know, Neil is such a nice guy...

Towards the end, Deb says, "These guys are worst than women... when it comes to bagpipes...can you believe they can go on and on and on about bagpiping?!" It's so true. They're immersed in it. Their whole world is bagpipes. It's all they think about. Vacations are planned around it. It's who they are. Gawd. They're so lucky we put up with it!

Then the pipes came out and Wooly said, "Well, guess we had better stoke these up, eh?!"
Myra, in her perfect Irish accent said, "OH NO YE WON'T!" They all backed down fast. I started giggling because she's this tiny lady. Who knew she could get her hackles up that fast?! So, instead, they did show and tell with their pipes.

We had fun.
Oh, and I was cleaning out my drawers and look what I found! I didn't iron it. It's just a little quilt top I made long ago. I think it's interesting that I still like the colors... deep, dark & mysterious with a splash of orange. I actually thought of making my Challenge sweater in those colors, so it was fun to find this quilt top.

Now I'm really feeling the pressure for our Christmas card. Got to be clever. Got to be a keeper.
Got to get going on my Red Queen...!

But first I've got to get my Challenge sweater done.

Hope to have the armholes & front stitched & cut for next time - so scary!

Happy Knitting! :)
Sure feels like Fall!


Jewel said...

I love your Christmas cards too! I'm hoping you wear your Red Queen.

Okay - there's my opinion. Make it so. hee hee

nordwolke said...

Wow, that sweater looks impressing. Beautiful pattern and colours. But your stuffed animals are quite cheecky, aren't they? :)

Lorraine said...

Michele- So Wooly is an old geezer?

I hope to see more of the challenge sweater- I'm intrigued.

Diana said...

Your sweater will be amazing.I love your colors. The sweaters this challenge is going to turn out will be wonderful. I wonder how the winner will be chosen. You all win!

Anne said...

Your challenge sweater is amazing -- love the hint of beeds! and the colour gradation (if that's the right word LOL!)

That Wooly had better know just what a catch he has in you !!!!

Your Christmas card with you in your Erin cardi is still on my bulletin board - love it!

Brigitte said...

Yay Fall! Your challenge sweater is beautiful - I'm thinking that would be nice on the Christmas card cover. Just sayin'... Or, you could just dress the troop up in sweater pieces and tiaras, and let them be on the cover.