Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holiday Cheer

Ready? OK!

I love my comfy sweater.
I love my comfy sweater!

How cute are these boots?
How cute are my boots?!

Forget the jewels and cashmere.
Forget the... wait... no!

Hand knit sweaters.
And cowboy boots!

Sending you holiday cheer!
Best wishes for 2010!

Wooly & Michele :)

This is our holiday card for this year. Inspired by my favorite commercial. Every time it comes on, I drop everything, jump up and down and scream with the girls. Wooly frantically tries to find the remote & hit 'mute' while demanding that I stop. It's hilarious!

I told him, "Okay, one funny photo! Here, hold my leg!"
"What do you mean by funny? Do I have to?"

YAY! Needless to say, the funny one made it as our card!

It Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas...

"I think these pipes are going to work out!"
"What was that for? Oh, yeah, I guess it is looking like Christmas..."

Wooly is very happy with his new bagpipes. He already showed all his friends and they agree that he stole them. Now he's busy fussing around with reeds & bags trying to get the perfect tone. He even had me sew on a patch on his bag. He wanted me to show him how to use my sewing machine, but I don't want him messing around with it. It might get broken & I need it for my Norwegian sweater. Priorities man!

I wasn't about to 'forget the jewels...' and not get anything for Christmas. I got myself freshwater pearls this year, 3 different kinds - white is freshwater, middle is Tahitian ringed, right is Autumn keshi. Yes, I wear them all together at once. Kamati likes them too.

"...quiet! Here she comes!"
"What was that for?"
"What's going on here?"
"Nothing! Honest!"

Yeah, right! I thought the lamb went home... and turtle is still here? Sigh. No good, I tell you.

Wishing you lots of good cheer this holiday season!
Celebrate wholeheartedly... with gusto!

We'll see you next year!
Got your queue ready?

... and to all... a cheery night!


Anne said...

I love a comfy sweater too -- that one looks great on you! and the boots......

and the pipes

and the pearls

you guys are having a great Christmas already!

All the best for 2010!

Marina said...

Your sweaters look like a good match. Gorgeous!

You two are like kids! Anything left to open on Christmas day?

Merry, Happy Christmas/2010!

Brigitte said...

What a great picture of you two! Everytime my neighbour behind us practices his bagpipes in his garage, I think of Wooly!

What are the kids up to??

Lorraine said...

Michele- What a great picture. I love the freshwater pearls, cultured ones don't do it for me.

Wishing you and Wooly an amazing Christmas, and looking forward to the Norwegian KAL.

bev said...

You two look so happy. The sweaters look comfy and the boots look stylin'.
and to all...a cheery night!

Sonya said...

I love your Christmas picture! Very stylin' boots too. Merry Christmas!

carolyninalaska said...

Great picture!
You both look so pretty and/or handsome... and of course, the sweaters are awe inspiring!

I'll be expecting to see a picture of Whistler soon ;o)