Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Not Bad

I'm ready to start the neckline for my Challenge sweater. I'm very happy.
I changed to a smaller needle for the solid background. So far this is not bad. :)
 I ordered my Jamieson's Spindrift yarn for the Red Queen, just to drive myself nuts. I won't start until I finish my Challenge sweater. The upper left hand skein is Zodiac - a pretty plum, can't tell from my lousy photo.
 I also ordered my Rowan Felted Tweed for Anastasiya. Pretty colors, eh?! So soft too. Can't wait to start this one too.
My second favorite in Rowan 48 is the Alisa Wrap, also by Marie Wallin. It's intarsia. I don't do intarsia. Might just have to learn how to do it. I love the flowy flowers and corkscrew fringe.
We've had a bountiful harvest of tomatoes. They're more tasty than the store bought ones. I wish we could grow them all year long. Wooly came in the house with these in his shirt, all smiles, and so excited. Like a kid. I should have gotten a picture of him.

The other day, Wooly suggested that I clean up my hobby room. I said, "Okay, I'll do that tomorrow."

The next day, Wooly asked me what I was going to do. I said, "Clean up my room!" He was shocked.

After coffee, I went up there and started sorting my stuff. The phone rang, and it was Mom.

Mom "Hey, come play with me today!"
Me  "I can't. I have to clean my room."
Mom  "What?"
Me  "Wooly said I have to clean my room and I can't leave it until it's clean."
Mom  "Michele, come. play. with. me."
Me  "Did you not hear me?! I can't! I have to stay in here until it's clean!"
*Wooly mumbling in the background*
Me  "That's garbage... that's recycle... and that's keepers..."
Mom  "Who you talking to?"
Me  "Wooly. He's helping."
Mom  "What?! *laughing* What's Wooly doing to help?"
Me  "He's running up and down the stairs taking these piles to the garbage & recycle cans."
Mom  "What?! *laughing* How did you get him to do that?!"
Me  "He's well trained!"
Mom  "*dying of laughter* Maybe you two should come over here and clean my room too!"
Me  "No, get Dad to help you. I've got my own room to clean. You didn't know Rottweilers were trainable did you?!  Mom, I've really got to go now. I don't want to spend all day in this room."
Mom  "*still laughing* Okay. Come play with me later. Bye!"

Wooly  "Who has a Rottweiler?"
Me  "I do. You're the Rottweiler."
Wooly  "I thought I was Wooly."

I learned from the best (my mom) and am just lucky that my Rottweiler is trainable. :)

Wooly is not bad.
I found this Montana Cartwheel in my room. I remember I took a paper piecing class a long time ago and we were piecing this pattern with our own fabrics. I was being my quiet self, working away, but turned around to smile at the ladies behind me, who were hilarious. At the end of the day, the teacher gathered everyone's work and put it up on the wall. I was worried, because mine was bright and bold batiks. Everyone else had pretty pastels and flowery prints. Sure enough, she grabbed one of my squares first and I was trying to make myself small (hide.) We ended up with the coolest quilt. We all gasped. She just wanted to drive home that randomness makes it even better. And that everyone brought something to the party.

Another interesting point is that we all liked everyone else's squares better than our own.

Kind of like knitting. Or designing.

Oh, and yes, my room is now clean and organized.
It didn't take long because my Rottweiler helped. Yay!
And I'm glad I found my Montana Cartwheel squares.
Might have to get back to quilting someday. :)

But, for now, I've got to figure out what kind of neckline I want.

Happy Knitting! :)


Dorothy said...

Everyone should have a nice trained puppy! Your quilt square is beautiful. You should definitely finish it. Now, I really do need to clean up my room.

Anne said...

Your challenge sweater is looking good -- I like how you went down needle size for the plain part of the body -- I think I'd have to do that too.

The Red Queen is wonderful - especially love that Zodiac! and the Rowan choices - pretty fantastic. Intarsia isn't that hard...I got the SWAK Intarsia handbook -- it was fabulous and I've applied it to my knitting in general.

Your quilting shows a good eye for colour......lovely Michelle.

Toni said...

OMG..your sweater is just to die for...awesome! Love it love it love it... Can't say enough..

Lorraine said...

Michele- You are certainly ready for prime knitting season.

I think your quilt blocks are awesome- are you going to make a wall hanging?

Sonya said...

I love your design challenge sweater! Very cool motif.

You may have to train DH for me. I can't him to understand that taking out the trash is a 2-step process. Old bag out; new bag IN.

RosalĂ­a said...

A lot of pretty ideas. Nice works and so perfect in your blog! Congratulations!

Brigitte said...

I love your Challenge sweater! Is this something I may be making myself in the future...? Oooo, pink and white (thinking out loud). You know, I started my Red Queen! But, regardless of when you start yours, you'll probably finish yours sooner, hee hee.

Malcolm and Gandalf want to know if you need help cleaning your room.

Diana said...

Your challenge sweater is really great!! Your future soon to be knitted are wonderful choices. I see everyone has been talking about that Red Queen!
A quilter too? Lots of talent!

Jewel said...

You have a great selection of projects! I'm loving The Queen too.

I have two puppies here at home. Actually, one mean cranky one, and one very young pup.

Irina said...

I've just found you blog while searching for Rowan Felted Tweed. I also love Rowan's Anastasiya ... but having a hard time to find the yarn in Hong Kong, so have tuned to the internet with not so much luck though. Could you please let me know what web site you've bought yours. Thank you,