Monday, August 2, 2010

Why Try

Got the border done for The Queen. I'm knitting inward, all 4 borders in the round.
After I posted this photo in Ravelry, I realized I took a picture of the back. The sprouts should be pointing to the right. Scared myself into thinking I knit it wrong - lol! :) It's garter stitch, so maybe there is no wrong side. *sigh* Why do I try?
I ordered Kauni - EZ teal/turquoise and Evilla - natural - for my Challenge sweater. Added navy & pink Kauni I have laying around for an accent. Decided I hated the pictured picot edge, so I cut it out and just knit a plain edge and sewed it on. Might add something fancy to the bottom after I'm done.

See the giant XOX? Would it pass as Fair Isle? Probably not - lol! :)
And yes, there are gold beads in the center of the lotus' & blossoms.

I'm not seeing much of a transition in color in the background, but I'm okay with it for now.

I thought it was going to be my Christmas sweater, until I got my Rowan 48 Magazine....
Anastasia from the Russian Doll Collection by Marie Wallin. I absolutely love everything about this tunic. Must make. So what if it has rows with 3 colors. Must make. And, my mom collects those Russian nesting dolls...

Then Lorraine posted her Red Queen modeled my her daughter... Now THAT would make a perfect Christmas card sweater! I would wear it with my black boots. What's Wooly wearing? Who cares! lol!  Love those colors and big motifs. I'm into tunics this year.

Why am I wasting my time designing a sweater when I've got Marie & Lorraine to do it for me?! Why try. *sigh*    Isn't that terrific?! Don't worry, I'll finish the Challenge sweater, but not going to make it in VY, I've got Anastasia & Red Queen to knit! Yippee! :D
Meanwhile, we got 3 ripe tomatoes! and more on the way! Yummy!
And the coyote returned. I just finished packing my bag for work, looked out the open back door and there he was, eating cherries again. I grabbed my camera and started snapping pictures. I clicked my tongue and he looked right at me... not scared at all. Then Wooly showed up and he jumped into the neighbor's yard and their dog Isis went crazy. Wooly was hoping the coyote would make mince meat of Isis - his nemesis - but, he wasn't scared at all and jumped back into our yard. I told Wooly I just didn't want him to wander into the house, so I was standing by the door.

Told my mom and she said, "You saw him twice? You need to give him a name, Michele..."

I've been calling him Wylie - so original - heehee. I was going to name him Jozi, so it would be 'Jozi and the Feral Cats' - hahaha, get it?! (Josie and the Pussycats) But, I keep calling him Wylie. So, Wylie it is.

I've seen him several times, so I guess we're on his route.
"Can't catch me!"

My cute nephews and brother at the Bon Odori. Love that they're wearing their kimono jackets.

So, now do you know who my brother is? I swear he knows everyone. It's so funny when he introduces me to his friends and they say, "I didn't know you had a sister..." Guess he doesn't talk about me. Maybe that's a good thing, eh?! LOL! I always want to say, "Do you know our brother?..." and really confuse them. LOL!

If he mentions how I eat pizza - tiny bites, chew 100 times like a bunny... don't believe him!
He's made fun of the way I eat forever. Everyone I know makes fun of the way I eat. Hey, I'm enjoying my food, not inhaling it! No, I don't need help, get away! *sigh*

Okay, I'm going to try and focus on my Challenge sweater before I start Anastasia or Red Queen.
Feel like I should order the yarn for Anastasia though. You know how they discontinue colors so fast...

The Queen is just going to be on time out for a while, just not into lace for now.

Happy Knitting!
Why try? Because I can do it! Yes I can!
Rah rah! :)


Dorothy said...

The Queen is looking very royal. I'm anxious to start some lace, but just can't settle on anything. Some day I'll have to come down and see how you do three colors in a row. It was my downfall on Whistler.

Anne said...

The Queen - gorgeous.
Your challenge sweater -- looks very exciting -- and what the heck, you're going your own way - way to go!

I love Abastasia too -- I think it would look great with jeans and hanging down under a jacket!

Of course the Red Queen is beautiful also -- I asked Lorraine about making it for a man -- she suggested blue instead of read - hmmmm.....

Tomatoes upside down - what a feat!
Coyotes in the back yard - scary LOL

Your brother once wrote to me to tell me that I had spelt your name incorrectly on my web site - so he's got your back -- he's just being annoyingly brotherly sometimes!

Your nephews are adorable.

Anne said...

That should be

"instead of red"

need to wear my glasses LOL!!!

nordwolke said...
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nordwolke said...

3 colours per row ... You are a very brave knitter. Not to mention The Queen. You rock! ;)

Sonya said...

You are such a productive knitter! The Queen is looking lovely. Perfect color for a queen. I love the motif in your Challenge sweater. So many great patterns to knit! Red Queen is definitely on my list too.

Lorraine said...

Michele- You would be wise to obtain the yarns for the Rowan Tunic- because you never know....

I could never attempt such amazing lace- that is the colour you dyed yourself, isn't it?

I am intrigued by your design, especially using the Kauni, which has long colour stretches- very nice work.

Lorraine said...

P.S. Those little fellows are adorable!

Brigitte said...

I love Anastasia! It's my second pick after Valentina! And I agree - only for me, it's "who cares if I have to strand on the wrong side"!!

Wow, your Queen is is your Challenge sweater.

The buns say hi to Smoothie.

Jewel said...

You will look MOST regal in your Red Queen pullover with your Queen shawl.

It's all about Royalty!