Saturday, April 10, 2010

It's All Looney

I picked up 1604 stitches for the borders. I find humming a tune helps distract me. I Ktb of each border stitch so their legs would be crossed, like a proper Shetland shawl.
I'm knitting in the round, so knitting odd rows and purling the even row. I was worried about purling in pattern, but found it's just a little slower. Glad I'm doing it this way. I hate sewing pieces together.
Through row 20 of the border. You can see the 'crossed legs' in the middle of the picture. Those are some huge jewels on that crown. Don't be too critical, in the Wise Words of Wooly, "It always looks like shit until you block it..."  Gotta love him. :)

It's ALL looney

Wooly has been having his own drama. I kept telling him we don't need drama. That's why I didn't blog on Wednesday... drama! I was relieved to go to work on Thursday until I got on the elevator & Helen told me that we have to stay at our desks unless we're on break & absolutely NO visiting... WTF? Sure enough, opened my email & there it was in black & white. They even have a bitch on patrol. So now I'm getting angry. Deep breaths.

We've been doing monthly furlough & were scheduled for one on Friday. We get an email that there's a 'crisis' so no furlough, you ALL have to be here tomorrow. WTF? Not that I care, I didn't have plans, but some people were heading out of town for the 3 day weekend. Cheryl shows up running her mouth about how we should be thankful we're needed because they could send us all on permanent furlough... Patricia, in her calm voice, was trying to reason with her. I said, "Yeah, you tell her Patricia!"  which led to Cheryl wagging her finger in my face while standing over me & bitching me out. I stood up. Threw my pen down. Put my hands on my hips and very calmly ripped her a new one without swearing or raising my voice - yay me! Pauline told Cheryl to leave and Patricia was leading her away and I said, "Yeah, walk away Cheryl. Go back to your desk. I guess the 'no visiting/stay at your desk' rule doesn't apply to everyone!" All the while, she was still running her mouth. My neighbors nervously giggled and said, ""Geez Michele, we've never seen you that mad.... ever! You got my back?!" I said, "Absolutely! Sorry guys! I'm sitting down now." Then I saw a Supervisor walk by & look over at me, I nodded at her and could tell she was going after Cheryl.

Right before we left, we got an email saying there's no crisis, so we get our furlough. Which was great, but too late. I was stressed out. My neck was killing me. I didn't knit that night.

The next day, Wooly hands me this...
I love my friends! I laughed so hard! and still do every time I look at this. Notice how she is very excited but well behaved and he... is not?! HAHAHAA! Kinda looks like me & Wooly, eh?! LOL!

I told them I'm showing this to everyone I know. We all need some levity.

So, don't let the 'turkeys' get you down! The sun it out today!

Love you all! Maybe next time I'll have a crown to show you! :)


carolyninalaska said...

Oh wow... what a stressful day at work but good for you telling her off!
Still loving your purple... hope you are. I know how "tired" of my one color projects I get... that's why I just adore Fair Isle... lots of colors!
Happy Spring!

Anne said...

Hang in there! I'm glad you stood up for yourself! You go girl!

Love the purple lace - absolutely fabulous!

All the best........things have a way of working out (I keep telling myself a mantra).

Lorraine said...

Michele- You did what you needed to do. Good for you.

I'm fascinated by the shawl-

Brigitte said...

Hee hee, I thought that was you and Wooly!

Way to stand up for yourself, and the co-workers!

Man, lace...makes my head hurt just thinking of 1605 stitches.

(Uh oh, kitty rumble going on in the kitchen... *sigh*)

nordwolke said...

Oh wow, the queen ring shawl? That will turn out beautiful. The colour is just mine, too. Can't wait to see the finished shawl!!!
schafwoelkchen blog

Sonya said...

I hate it when work is stressful like that! But sometimes you just need to tell someone off. I hope you knitted the tension away. Your lovely lace continues to amaze me.