Sunday, April 25, 2010

Crowns All Around

"Take a Crown, pass it around... no wait, it's 'beer'... never mind."

I'm on row 60 of the border now and have Crowns all around. I'm following Q-knitter and doing a Full Miter. She knit her borders separately, then sewed them together. I refuse to sew, and am doing YO, K1(center stitch), YO between borders and knitting all 4 borders at the same time in the round.

I've got a few spiders knitted now (top, looks like eyelets.) Boy are they fun to knit. :)

I'm very happy with how it's going and rather obsessed with it.

I've gotten to row 100 on my Hibiscus. Still adding beads to the center of the O's. Eleven rows away from the neck opening. I love this knit too. :)

What Would You Do?

Wooly is asleep in his chair. I'm watching tv. I see something moving across the carpet and scream. Wooly jumps up, looks at me pointing and screaming, grabs a napkin, dives on the floor and says,

"Holey moley! You could throw a saddle on him and ride him to work!"

"AUGH! Hahaha, ride him to work. That's the hugest spider EVER!!!"

"What would do if I weren't here?!"
 "I would grab this ball of yarn (pink Lacey Lamb) and throw it at him!!! (I throw it as hard as I can, right were the spider was, and watch it bounce into the tv stand.)

"But, that wouldn't do anything."

"I would grab my shoe, and wack him with it!!!"

"Then you would have spider goo on the carpet."

"I don't care!!!"

"Would you pick him up and throw him away after you wacked him? or would you just leave him there and wait for me to pick him up?"

"Wait for you!!!"

"Haha! I wonder where he came from?! Under your chair?!"

"I DON'T WANT TO THINK ABOUT IT!!!!  UGH! Good thing you're here."

Tomato Experiment

 Wooly saw the Topsey Turvey commercial and decided he wanted to try it. We decided to buy 2 plants and do an experiment - one in a planter & one in the Topsey Turvey. Both plants (Bush Early Girl) were the same size, same planting soil, same fertilizer, same amount of sun & water....

The Topsey Turvey has 2 flowers blooming, but looks terrible. It's trying to lift it's head up. I'm wondering if it can photosynthesize through the underside of it's leaves. It looks stressed out to me.

The Planter has lots of buds, but no flowers blooming. It looks relaxed.

It's fun, because it gives us something to watch. On our walks, we look for other Topsey Turveys. There's a house with strawberry turveys, so we'll see if they get fruit.

I told my friend Tracy that we're just a garden gnome away from being in a trailer park... She died laughing.

I just want some tomatoes...
No spiders. No beer. No garden gnome. Just tomatoes.

And I want to be Queen. Where's my crown? ;)

Happy Knitting! Watch out for spiders.


Chery said...

Your shawls are beautiful. Can't wait to see more of the Queen.

Dorothy said...

Pretty knitting all around - but what else do we expect from you? I'm with you on spiders - that's why I'm married, so I don't have to deal with them. That and change the oil on my car. We've got a Topsy Turvy too, but we were told by an experienced gardener that it's still too cool to plant tomoatoes - at least on Whidbey Island, anyway. I think I'm going to try some in the ground too and compare.

Anne said...

You are a queen Michele -- and if Wooly wasn't there, you would have gotten the big creepy crawly (because we are women - we can do anything) but when the man is around, it's his job!!!!

Around here if anything moves, either the Caelee cat or Lackie eats it LOL!!!

Lorraine said...

Michele- I love the mitered corners- that's going to be one incredible shawl when you're finished.

I can kill all kinds of bugs- even wasps and hornets.

It's way too early for tomato plants-but I'm sure I can get a gnome or two.

Brigitte said...

Hee hee, see, I'm not the least bit afraid of bugs. And if I did see one in my apartment, chances are Mae would get to it before I even knew it was there. You could borrow her, but I think she'd take issue with the travel. :D

WOW, that shawl is amazing! Almost too good for the trailer park!

Rubysasha said...

Yes, you are the Queen, a brave Queen too! The Queen is next on my list but I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to do all borders in the round at once...You may just change my mind for me!

Knitting Granny said...

I admit it: I'm jealous! Of your knitting and of the fact that your climate allows tomato plants before mid-May. (and even then it's risky here in Idaho's Treasure Valley). The shawl is just too beautiful - and I love the fair isle, too. Can't wait to see how it all turns out...the tomato contest, the shawl and the sweater.

Laritza said...

The crowns are lovely and the color you are using even more.