Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Fever

Just to give it a shiny surprise, I'm adding crystal AB beads (size 6) to the centers of the O's on my Hibiscus.

It makes me smile and the colors are fulfilling my Spring Fever. I wore my capris yesterday and wished I had this sweater done so I could have worn it. :)

"Let's help her!"
"STEP AWAY from The Queen you two! She's coming!"

I've got 188 of 208 edge points done on The Queen. Twenty more to go... I can smell victory! I'm not looking forward to picking up 1200+ stitches for the border. But, The Princess had ~864 stitches in it's border, so what's ~400 more? Don't answer that! lol :)

I still love this color and Phoenix yarn.

Meanwhile, I'm thinking of this
I got my copy of The Wedding Ring Shawl. It came with samples of yarn. I'm really glad I didn't order the Gossamer Cashmere. It's super fine. I'm sure I could snap it just by blinking!

I'm probably going to use Phoenix. I want to dye it myself, so I'm thinking of colors. I'm still in love with Collete's red silk one that she dyed. But, I also love turquoise... and you can't go wrong with a pale lilac... I just know I'm not knitting it in white. I learned my lesson from The Princess - you gotta love the color cuz you'll be staring at it for months! The fun is in the planning and I won't be starting until I get The Queen done, so I've got lots of time. :)

The gargoyle is back. This is Mama. She's the original feral cat that our neighbor brought in pregnant a few years ago. After she delivered four kittens, they got them all fixed. I think it's just Mama and Pachino (black scruffy) left.

I like this photo of her. It reminds me that I need to get off the fence. I can't always be a spectator.

When I moved in with Wooly, I brought my dog with me. She passed away in 2006. Now I want another dog, but Wooly says no, not until you retire... he will be my dog. So, my Rottweiler & I have been walking around the neighborhood 4 times a week. We noticed a lot of houses for sale and found out they're mostly foreclosures. There was a real cute rambler by the park that we've always liked, so we looked in the windows. The next day they were doing an inspection & the following day it was sold.

It's hard to be content. I should be happy I've got my health, my job, my friends/family, my knitting projects, my Rottweiler.... Then again, I think it's all part of the human struggle of always wanting something better. Or maybe, it's just Spring Fever!

Oh, and we saw a coyote in the backyard on Sunday! Urban wildlife. Gotta love it!

Happy Spring!
I gotta go knit some more edge points... :)


Dorothy said...

You are truly amazing. No simple projects for you! I bought the Wedding Ring Shawl when it first came out, but have not yet tackled it. I even have the yarn. Maybe after I finish the mystery shawl I'm doing. And still working on Whistler - bogged down on the 3 color rows on the body!

Monika said...

Oh, how I love to see your progress with everything you're knitting! What a phantastic idea to use beads within Fair Isle knitting.

Regarding the dog: I think Wooly is right. A dog is so time consuming. Findus is only with us because we're both working from our home offices and he won't be alone the whole day.

The decades I've been working as an employee in offices away from home I found another solution: I walked with the dogs from the local animal shelter. Through the years there have been a lot of dogs that where "my dogs" just because I walked with them on a regular basis. They were so happy when they saw my car arriving at the shelter...

How many years until you retire? ;-))


Lorraine said...

Michele- The Hibiscus will be so cute on you.

I love all of Sharon Miller's things-and that you have the skills and patience to bring them to life.

Anne said...

Can't wait to see Hibiscus on you -- I think you would have made a fabulous model for it!

Brigitte said...

Eeeps! 1200 stitches to pick up?!! Phew, you ARE my hero! Kamati is right - the crew better step away from the Queen. Back away slowly, guys.

A coyote!? Eeeps!

Sonya said...

I fear picking up 1200 stitches would be the end of knitting for me! You rock.

Jewel said...

Picking up 1200 stitches would put me in the looney bin. You are awesome for even considering it.

Can't wait to see Hibiscus on you!

carolyninalaska said...

I just love the purple of your shawl... but for me, I just can't imagine knitting lace... especially not the 1200 stitches! eek...
Hibiscus will look wonderful on you. Your colors and tailor-made for your nice shape.
I hadn't blogged for so long it took me 20 minutes to "hack" into my user name and password! I couldn't remember them...