Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Knitting Olympics GOLD!

Dale of Norway Fox Sweater Kit - $$$
Days of 2010 Vancouver Olympics - 17
Virtual Gold Medal - PRICELESS!

Dale of Norway Fox Sweater
Dale of Norway Falk - Black, Copper, Natural, Tartan Green & Flame Red
2.75, 3 & 3.5mm needles

So, you remember Stephanie put out the challenge. She got her crew neck Whistler finished. It made me happy to see her wearing it. :) It was a mad dash for me to get done too. By Sunday night, I had the body finished and was sweating getting 2 sleeves + finishing done. Wednesday night I asked myself if this was fun? (NO!) and if I wanted to quit? (no.) Friday night I had the sleeves done. Saturday I sewed & cut the arm holes, sewed sleeves in & knit the neckband. Sunday I tacked everything down & steamed. 


I made the sweater shorter by leaving off the ribbing on the sleeves & bottom. I folded up, like I did on Whistler. I also made it narrow, only have 5 foxes per side. I had to ignore my 'critical eye.' I don't understand why the wrist pattern doesn't match the pattern on the bottom edge of the sweater.

So here are Kamati & I watching the Gold medal hockey game. I know nothing about hockey. How many periods in the game? (3) You broke your stick?! Are you kidding me? (It happens often.) Why are they fighting? (It happens often, you heard the joke... I went to a fight & a hockey game broke out...) How come they're always by our goal? Where's our goalie? Where'd he go? How come no one is helping? (ZZzzzzzz...) I think I wore Wooly out. Did you hear me screaming when we tied it up 2-2?!

Remind me NOT to knit a sweater for the next Olympics. It was a struggle. I want to watch the Olympics, not knit. But, it's done. I got my gold medal (see sidebar). And I think my Fox rocks! LOL! ;)

I'm officially NOT knitting for a week, or two. I got burnt out. I ran Spindrift over my finger & said, "Ewww." Now that's a shame. I do have a shawl I want to make. And want to make Wooly a Dale (I'm forcing it on him.) and was measuring his tummy. He'll have you know his chest is still bigger (by 1/2") ! lol!

Happy Knitting! I'll be joining you soon! :)


Laritza said...

Oh my! That is lovely! I have the yarn for mine, part of a long queue that seems to grow. Congrats!

Dorothy said...

Michele - you are amazing! I decided not to go for the gold on my Whistler. I knew I would drive myself insane. So I'll just live vicariously through you. I can't wait to see what you turn out next.

Anne said...

You are killing me! Two finished Dales in a couple of weeks? Way to go! You deserve the gold medal.

Sorry about the hockey game........but it was exciting wasnt it?

Yes, I still like snow......but going south really makes you want Spring to show up......I keep telling myself "soon...soon".

nordwolke said...

You are incredible! Like your Dale sweaters! :)))

Lorraine said...

Michele- You deserve a break.

What Dale is Wooly getting? What lace have you chosen?

Huh? Huh?

Sonya said...

Way to go, Michele! You're an Olympic champion! (I'd be burned out too. That's a lot of knitting in 2 weeks.)

Brigitte said...

Michele, you rock! That's amazing! And you look so cute in it.

*sigh* Better get my Sapporo butt in gear.

No way I was doing ANY knitting during the gold medal hockey game. And the guys are really hoping there won't be one again soon, because all that cheering and whooping seriously messes with their heads.

Jewel said...

A very well deserved gold, I might add. You are a champion knitter!

carolyninalaska said...

I should have looked at your blogs sooner to see all the extra photos of your projects that you didn't post on Ravelry.
You look wonderful in Whistler!!!
I've been trying to resist putting that on my queue since it's already so big.